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Jamie Lancaster


“I feel called to be a physical therapist, and since I’ve been at Anderson, I’ve talked to people in the profession and told them the classes I’m taking. They went to bigger schools but didn’t have many of the classes I’m taking. They say I’ll be much better prepared when I get to graduate school and I know they’re right.”

Lora Daniel


“I transferred to Anderson from another university and was so impressed with how welcome everyone made me feel. The professors were genuinely concerned about my transition and asked me frequently how it was going.”

“When I found out what I could do with the Kinesiology degree here, it opened up new doors of career possibilities for me that I never knew existed before.” 

Emily Monteith


“I feel like the professors here really care. They have prepared me in my field, but even more, they are genuinely concerned about my direction in life and helping me reach my goals.”

Adam Moseley

Entering graduate school in Mathematics

“I was surprised when entering Anderson how the financial aid and scholarships available made a high quality private education very affordable.”

Emily Stirn

’09 Interior Design graduate

“I chose Anderson from Fort Collins, Colorado because I did a national search for the best Christian university that offered interior design and it was the best in my opinion. Leaving here, I realize that it’s not just a good program for a Christian school, but it soars above most other programs anywhere. The professionalism and ethics I have learned here make me far more prepared for the real business world than I would have been had I gone anywhere else.”

“I interned with a design firm that specialized in corporate design of healthcare spaces. I found the preparation I had here at AU gave them a tremendous amount of confidence in me to the point that they were comfortable putting me in front of clients and end users when they felt some other interns weren’t ready.”

Molena Goncalves

Entering graduate school in economics

“Coming from Brazil, I wanted to come to a smaller university. I wanted to be independent, but I also knew that being from a foreign culture I would need the help of my professors. I got that at Anderson and I’m so glad I chose this school. They are very helpful to international students here.”

“I am a tennis player, but I wanted to be a serious student. Anderson University, as a Division II school gave me the chance to be serious about my sport, but not at the expense of my academics. Because of that, I’ve been accepted to graduate school and start in the fall.”

Silas Crisp


“Anderson has helped me realize that I have leadership qualities that I never knew were there, and has provided me with multiple opportunities to exhibit those qualities. Here, I’ve learned that I can do anything with God’s help.”

April Boom

Graduate in Business

“My professors not only gave me preparation that was clearly ahead of what I witnessed in students from other schools during my internship with a Fortune 500 company, but they also used their own business contacts to make interviews possible for me after graduation. I feel like I have a tremendous advantage over many of the candidates I will compete with in the marketplace.”

Allison Catoe

Entering pharmacy school

“The great thing about the smaller size of the Biology program here is that my professors not only gave me the skills and knowledge to get into pharmacy school, but they actually helped guide me through the process all the way to my acceptance.”

Tanya West

Entering graduate school in Interior Design

"I was only considering large universities, but the financial aid was so attractive at Anderson, I decided to at least visit. From my first moment on campus, I was sure it was where God wanted me.”

“I have a strong analytical side and a strong creative side. The Interior Design program at Anderson gave me a chance to develop both equally.”

Derek Hipp


“The professors in the college of business are more like co-workers. They work with you – not against you, and they keep on working with you whether you need a good internship or a job interview.”

Paige Quarles

Business graduate

We did a research project for a Fortune 500 company and they are using it to help their clients. We had a class specifically designed around that ‘real world’ project, so it wasn’t just theory – it was practice.”

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