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General education comprises the learning experiences the Anderson University faculty wants all our students to have in common, regardless of their major or degree program. It is the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions which the University determines all its graduates should possess in order to be prepared for a life of enhanced citizenship, service, and continued learning. It is the means by which students experience the connections between academic disciplines.

Upon completion of general education, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of oneself as a learner
  • Demonstrate skills related to communications, critical and creative thinking, productive interpersonal relationships, and the use of technology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical Christian values
  • Demonstrate understanding of various modes of inquiry, and of the contributions of different academic disciplines: humanities, fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, natural sciences, mathematics
  • emonstrate understanding of the connections between local, national, Western, and global culture

Certain skills are essential to accomplish the goals of general education. These include:

  • Communication Skills - writing, speaking, reading, listening in English; achieving basic competency in a second language; developing observation skills and an awareness of aesthetics
  • Critical Thinking Skills - logic, quantative skills, research, computation. problem solving, scientific method, and analysis
  • Interpersonal Skills - cooperation, teamwork, leadership, and collaboration
  • Technological Skills - electronic accessing, processing, and transmitting of information

The following requirements are a part of all Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees intended for the traditional day student population. Degrees offered through the Accelerated Program are outlined in the individual degree program listing.

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science Degree,
Bachelor of Music Education, and
Bachelor of Music: General Education
Requirements (42-44 hours)

Liberal Arts Laboratory (1 hour)

Communication (6 hours)
Writing – ENG 101 (3 hours)
Speaking – SPE 102, COM 201 (3 hours)

Mathematics (3 hours)
MAT 101 or higher (as designated by major)

Foreign Language (5-6 hours; minimum of one year sequence in college-level foreign language study or its equivalent)
FRE 101 and 102, or 131; REL 312 and 322*; SPA 101 and 102, or 131
* for Religion and Christian Ministries majors only

Healthy Lifestyle (2 hours)
KIN 135

Humanities (12 hours)
History (3 hours) – HIS 111, 112, 201, 202
Literature (3 hours) – ENG 102
Religion (6 hours) – REL 105 and 305

Fine Arts (3 hours)
FA 200

Social Science (3 hours)
ECO 200, PSY 101, SOC 201

Natural Science (7-8 hours)
BIO 101, 102, 150, 200, CHE 101, 111, PSC 101, SCI 101

Attendance is required at six Category 1 events and
six Category 2 events during each semester of full-time enrollment.

The requirements for graduation, course descriptions, and academic policies are explained in the AU Catalog.

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