Athletic Department - Weight and Exercise Equipment

  • Ÿ 300 student-athletes
  • Ÿ 15 total sports (men and women)
  • Ÿ Vision: be competitive in the conference and win championships


Athletic Weight and Exercise Equipment

New benches, free weights, dumbbells, power racks, conditioning equipment, boxes, speed and agility equipment, etc.

Sorinex Exercise Equipment (


As a student-athlete, one can grow both personally and competitively by being a part of a team within a NCAA Division II sports program at Anderson University. Competition is at the core of the athletic experience at AU. The enhancements desired will expand the knowledge of these students and provide outside the classroom learning that stresses accountability, teamwork, perseverance, and excellence. The desire to be a teammate, the focus on personal goals, and the development of the will to win is what every coach and student-athlete strives for on a daily basis. Through support of our A Day Cause, your funds will provide our student-athletes and our athletic programs with an enhanced workout environment that will prepare them above and beyond anything we have been able to do in the past. We expect our athletic programs to compete at the highest level and in order to prepare them for this, we must provide our student-athletes with the very best strength and weight equipment to make success a reality. The need for weight lifting and exercise equipment is evident across all our programs and now is the time to partner with us in providing our student-athletes with access to essential strength equipment and resources to better prepare for the grind of a NCAA college schedule, as well as provide our coaches with another resource to attract top quality students to our growing and vibrant campus community.


Daily practice and competition are disciplines all athletes must embrace to reach their full potential. It is critical that our student-athletes have the best weight and exercise equipment resources to develop both physically and mentally in our pursuit of excellence both on and off the field of competition. Just as the university seeks to provide the best learning environments, labs, technology and instruction for our students to excel in academics, we now have a necessary and significant opportunity to provide the very best environment for our athletic programs, coaches, and student-athletes to train and prepare for excellence in their sports.

Goal - $45,000