College of Health Professions

The College of Health Professions students and faculty are hungry for research. Realizing that good academic research is the basic fundamental of active learning we are seeking additional ways of actively encouraging our students and faculty to focus their academic talents into the process of digging deeper for truth in understanding.

Currently our students work through the Student Research Initiative (SRI). This forum provides the student an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member for a regional or national presentation or publication. Some examples of recent research projects include:

  • Natural vs Manufactured Food Source on Exercise Recovery and Blood Glucose Levels
  • Patient Compliance in Various Clinical Settings
  • A Comparison of Movement Patterns between Recreational Athletes With and Without Chronic Leg Pain
  • Anaerobic Improvements in an Aerobic Athletic After Unique 12-week Training Protocol

In both our nursing and kinesiology curricula, research is an integral part of our course studies. Anderson University students routinely experience opportunities to learn academic research basics of collecting and analyzing data as well as how to interpret these results and meaning of this data.  Our students do this while conducting research projects.  Our students and faculty routinely present scholarly poster presentations at national and regional events and at Interdisciplinary Conferences within the University.

Recently our nursing and kinesiology students have actively engaged research activities with the local hospital system, physician practices and rehabilitation practices. It is ideal when our nursing students attend the annual student nurse’s conferences. Excellent speakers are there and students have the opportunity to present scholarly work.

As you can see, we are making great strides to assist our students in the academic process of research, but more is needed. Please help our students to become more actively involved in the future of health and community improvement through academic research, please give to A-Day.


Students have many opportunities to impact the world of health professions through their work and studies at AU. The experience of research and professional development with faculty and staff will expand the knowledge of these students and provide outside the classroom learning with the health community. Through support of the COHP A Day Cause, your funds will provide our students with an enhanced learning experience that will prepare them above and beyond anything the classroom provides, it develops research skills and practices for real world preparation, and it transforms the student experience through professional development and interaction with professionals in health care. Your gift will provide our students and faculty with the necessary finances to travel to conferences, participate in research projects, and present to their peers, faculty, and industry on health best practices and trends.

Goal - $25,000

The College of Health Professions consists of the School of Allied Health, School of Human Performance, School of Nursing and the School of Physical Therapy (currently in development). The College of Health Professions represents a diverse mix of undergraduate and graduate students, traditional and adult students. They study at the AU campus in Anderson, the University Center of Greenville, and online. Within the four schools, you’ll find a wide and growing variety of majors. There are bachelor’s programs in human services, in kinesiology with several concentrations, as well as in nursing, which range from bachelor’s to doctoral levels. The doctoral program in physical therapy will be available within the next academic year. These programs boast a total of 699 students within the schools under the classroom guidance of 35 faculty and staff members. Providing a student ratio of twenty to one. Following the College of Health Profession’s Mission to prepare highly skilled professional to advance, preserve and improve the health and quality of life of those we serve through our service to God, mankind and scholarship to our profession your gift to A-Day is vital in achieving our mission.