The Senior Gift – The Quiet Space

At the spring graduation ceremony, the departing class leaves their fellow students a token of gratitude. This long-standing tradition at Anderson University allows this graduating class to further the goals of the University. This year, the senior class intends on supporting and encouraging each student and staff member in their journeys with Christ.

The class of 2017 is providing the campus with a designated spot that will facilitate quiet contemplation, prayer, and individual time with God. This area, known as the Quiet Space will be located between Vandiver and Pratt, facing the new Student Center. Students will be provided with benches in this corner of campus; here, all are welcome to sit with God and remember what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven.

However, this area does more than simply provide individuals with a facilitative time for expanding their personal experience with God. It allows students and staff members to feel comfortable with simple expressions of their faith amongst fellow believers. It adds a sharp visual of spiritual harmony amongst the Anderson community. When people pray and meditate on scriptural truths with one another, they grow closer. The Quiet Space not only invites the body of AU to refocus on the Father, it serves to remind individuals that they are a part of a larger body. The Church at large finds stability in community; here, this truth can be tangibly practiced.

Goal: 400 participants