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Merritt Administration Building 

Merritt Administration Building:  One of the original campus structures, Merritt was built in 1911 and remains the cornerstone of the Anderson campus.  Many campus offices are housed in Merritt, including the President’s.  Merritt is also home to Merritt Theatre, our oldest performance venue on campus which serves Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Cohesive Coffeehouse, and other events.  Martin and Agnew Dining Rooms, Anderson’s primary dining facilities, are located on the first floor.  Aramark Catering uses these adjacent eating spaces to serve three all-you-can-eat meals every day.

Thrift Library  Thrift Library:  One of the most state-of the art college libraries in the Southeast, Thrift was completed in 2007.  In addition to the library stacks and electronic resources, the library contains many multi-purpose rooms, including Vandiver Gallery, Chapman Multimedia Center, Pracht Seminar Room, and others.  Several small study and conference rooms are found throughout the facility, and the Information Technology offices are near the computer lab downstairs.  In addition to the academic and meeting space, Thrift houses what many consider the city's best coffee shop.  Java City in McClellion Café serves up a variety of coffee, smoothies, baked goodies, and more.
Rainey Fine Arts Center  Rainey Fine Arts Center:  The Callie Stringer Rainey Fine Arts Center was built in 1991 and is where our College of Visual and Performing Arts majors spend most of their time.  Henderson Auditorium, seating 1,050 people, is where Journey campus worship takes place each week, and where the campus and community stage large performances.  Daniel Recital Hall seats 250 people and is the site of student recitals, plays, and ensemble performances.  The black-box style Belk Theatre can seat between 80-100 people and is used for our plays and other productions.  Rainey houses music practice rooms, as well as the drawing lab, graphic design lab and sculpture labs for our Art majors.
 Watkins Teaching Center 

Watkins Teaching Center:  Watkins is our largest classroom facility, and it serves as home to our College of Arts and Sciences.  Built in 1966, Watkins is made up of our two largest lecture halls and several smaller traditional classrooms.  A student computer lab is located on the first floor next to the College of Christian Studies.  The second floor is home to our various science labs.  Faculty members’ offices can be found near these classrooms, providing ample opportunities for students to meet with professors before and after class.

Johnston Hall 

Johnston Hall:  Johnston Hall was built in 1956 and served for many years as the Anderson University library.  In 2007, the building was renovated to become home of the College of Education and School of Interior Design.  Classrooms and faculty offices can be found on the first and second floors, and the Interior Design studio and CADD lab take up a large portion of the first floor.

Vandiver Hall 

Vandiver Hall:  The College of Business is located in Vandiver Hall, which was originally completed in 1920.  On the first floor, the “Van Lab” is home to a SmartBoard and computer lab for use by our Accounting and Finance students.  Behind Vandiver lobby is Whyte Gym, which was built in 1960 and serves as Anderson’s intramural gym.  The Trojan wrestling team practices in the adjacent wrestling room, and several of our coaches’ offices are located in the basement of Vandiver.

Admissions Office  Admissions Office:  Formerly a local bed and breakfast, the Admissions Office is where students entering the traditional undergraduate program begin their journey to Anderson.  Call ahead at 864-231-2030 or sign up online to visit the campus. 
ACCEL Admissions 

Graduate and Evening Admissions Office:  Students interested in entering Anderson’s graduate or evening programs begin their journey here.  Accelerated terms and evening and online classes make these the perfect educational option for full-time working adults and parents staying at home with children during the day.  Come by the office to pick up materials and learn more.

Rice Building 

Rice Building:  Once the school infirmary and then the Admissions Office, Rice now houses the Financial Aid Planning Office and Anderson Central.  Anderson Central serves as a front-end for Financial Aid Planning and as a one-stop shop for nearly all student services.  Student forms are available there, and changes can be made to students’ accounts.  The Anderson Central staff can answer questions regarding financial aid, registration, and more.


Residence Halls

Click on the Residence Hall names to learn more.
Boulevard Hall 

Boulevard Halls:  Built in 2007 and 2010, the Boulevard Halls are Anderson’s newest residence facility.  They are located across from the main campus and are situated amidst our Ministry Houses.  The first floor of these three-story buildings serve as a common area with a large lounge space, a kitchen, and community laundry facilities.  The second and third floors are made up of eleven rooms each, with two girls sharing a room and each hall sharing a community bathroom.  Rooms in Boulevard are equipped with cable TV, wireless Internet, and its 44 students have regular RSVP hours.

Pratt exterior 1 

Pratt Hall:  Built alongside Merritt and Denmark Hall, Pratt was constructed in 1911 as one of the original buildings on campus.  Two or three females share each room and each pair of roommates shares a bathroom with the adjoining room.  Bedrooms are furnished with two beds, desks, and chairs.  Regular RSVP hours are observed in Pratt, and there is a common lobby in which students can spend time outside those hours. 

Denmark Hall:   Denmark and Pratt are similar; please see “Pratt Hall” for more information.

Rouse Hall  North and South Rouse:  North and South Rouse are adjoining residence halls, with females in North Rouse and males in South Rouse.  Constructed in 1963, the buildings are connected by a common lobby.  Two students share each room and each pair of roommates shares a bathroom with the adjoining room.  Bedrooms are furnished with two beds, desks, and chairs each, and are equipped with cable TV, wireless Internet, and phone jacks.  Regular RSVP hours are observed in Rouse, and students have access to a laundry room.  The patio area between Rouse and Lawton provides students with a place to grill, throw a Frisbee, or play whiffleball.
Lawton Hall 

Lawton Hall:  Our primary male residence hall, Lawton was built in 1967 and offers suite-style living.  Each suite is comprised of four two-person rooms and a shared bathroom.  A sink and mirror is located in each room, and rooms are equipped with cable TV, wireless Internet, phone jacks, and two beds, desks, and chairs each.  Students observe regular RSVP hours and can take advantage of the patio located in the quad between Lawton and Rouse.  The building’s proximity to Rouse gives students quick and easy access to laundry facilities.

Kingsley Hall  Kingsley Hall:  With a great view overlooking Smethers Field, Kingsley serves as home to many of our female residents.  Rooms are paired to form suites with a shared bathroom in between.  In addition to bedroom space, each room has an adjacent entry area with a closet and extra dressers.  Students in Kingsley observe regular RSVP hours and can spend time in the common lobby on the first floor.
Stringer Commons  Stringer Commons:  Built in 1990, Stringer is comprised of five buildings located along Boulevard next to main campus.  Each building houses four suites, with eight people living in a suite.  Students live two per room, with four students sharing one of two bathrooms.  Bedrooms are furnished with two beds, desks, and chairs each, and suites have a common kitchenette and living room.  Rooms in Stringer are equipped with cable TV, wireless Internet, and phone jacks.  The 160 students in Stringer enjoy extended RSVP hours and can use laundry facilities located in Stringer C.
Village exterior  The Village:  Anderson’s only apartment-style residence hall, The Village was built in 2002 and gives upperclassmen a private room.  Each apartment contains four single rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchenette.  Males and females live on opposite sides of the building and share a common lobby in between. Students observe regular RSVP hours and enjoy plenty of parking spaces and quick access to most of their classes.  Village is also home to Residence Life, Career Services, and the Health Center.
Ministry Houses 

Ministry Houses:  Across from main campus, Anderson’s Ministry Houses offer a unique living experience for many of our students.  Groups of students apply to live in these college-owned houses, each of which is themed to serve and minister to a particular demographic on campus.  Recent Ministry Houses have targeted athletes, out of state students, and Art majors.  Because of the higher standards for those in living in the Ministry Houses, residents enjoy extended RSVP hours.


 Campus Life

Abney Athletic Center 

Abney Athletic Center:  Abney was built in 1978 and is home to our women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s wrestling teams.  Students crowd Abney gym to cheer on the Trojans as they compete in NCAA Division II Conference Carolinas.  Cheerleading and dance teams add to the excitement at games.  On one balcony, students can take advantage of our free fitness center equipped with a variety of cardiovascular equipment, weight machines, and free weights.  Across the gym, an indoor batting cage is used by our baseball and softball teams for off-season training.

Sullivan Hall 

Sullivan Hall:  Sullivan was built in 1916 and serves as headquarters for Campus Ministries and Christian Life activities on campus.  The Vice President for Christian Life and Campus Minister call Sullivan home.  Here they plan mission trips, hold Bible studies, and more.  Some of our Christian Ministry classes take place in classrooms upstairs, and the adjacent Hunt Chapel is the primary meeting location for Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) and Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).

Student Center 

Student Center:  Located in the heart of campus, the Student Center offers a place to relax and grab a quick bite to eat.  The Grille serves up a short order menu, allowing students a place to use their Meal-Plus Plan like a debit card to fill up between classes or late into the evening.  TVs and computers are available for Price is Right viewing and checking Facebook.  Ping-pong, foosball, and pool tables give students a chance to engage in a little friendly competition.  The Post Office is next door, and here resident students can drop off mail and check their AU Box for goodies from home.

Bookstore  Bookstore:  The Anderson bookstore is where students can buy and sell textbooks, grab a quick snack, and pick up Trojan gear and apparel.  The bookstore is also well stocked with school supplies, art supplies, and computer software at steeply discounted prices.  Next door to the bookstore is the Center for Student Success tutoring lab.  Here students can get assistance with paper writing, test preparation, and more.
Smethers Field 

Smethers Field Home to our fastpitch softball and men’s and women’s soccer teams, Smethers Field is also where many students enjoy Ultimate Frisbee and intramural athletics like soccer and powder puff football.  The Max Grubbs Memorial Tennis Courts are located next to Smethers, serving as home to our nationally competitive men’s and women’s tennis teams.


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