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Online Course Instructions

Students enrolled in most online classes follow the same 8-week schedule as our ACCEL classes.  It is important to stress that while these are online courses, they are not self-paced courses.  Assignments will have deadlines.  You may be expected to participate in chat sessions with your instructor and classmates.  These chat sessions require that you be on your computer logged in at designated times (set by your instructor based on what is convenient for students in the class).

Accessing your Online Course(s)
1. Go to
2. Enter your username and password
     a. Username: same as your AU email address (ex. jsmith1234)
     b. Password: welcome (please change your password after logging in the first time)
3. Complete the online tutorial
     a. After logging in to the course, click Launch the Help Center (upper left corner)
     b. Click on Student Moodle Tutorial
The eLearning Portal Help Desk provides technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You may reach them by calling toll free at 800-985-9781 or by clicking the Help Center icon on the left side of the screen when you are logged in to a course.

Changing Your Student Profile
You will need to change your password after your first time logging in to the course.  Courses are password protected and, therefore, not available to non-registered users.  To change information on your student profile (password, etc.) you will need to follow these instructions.
1. Log in and then click the course in which you are registered
2. Click on Participants under the heading entitled People
3. Choose your name from the list
4. Click Edit Profile
5. Make any desired changes and then save them
Another important step after logging in for the first time is to view each item listed under Are You Ready?.  These are listed in the Topic Outline.

Adding/Dropping Online Courses
The last day to add a course is 72 hours after the posted start day of the online class.  Any course dropped during the first 72 hours after the start date does not appear on the student transcript, and the student is not charged for it.  Students logging in after the first 72 hours of the posted start date of the class will be charged and will receive a grade for the course.  If one withdraws after the first 72 hours, a grade of W is assigned.  The last day to withdraw from an online course is as follows (each date reflects anytime before midnight).

Start Date:   Last day w/o financial resp.   Last day to withdraw (W on transcript):
March 4, 2010   March 8, 2010   April 1, 2010
May 6, 2010   May 10, 2010   June 4, 2010

All students are required to log in by midnight (Eastern) on the first day of class.  Students who cannot log in are responsible for contacting the instructor prior to the first day of class to indicate their intent to remain in the class.  If a student does not log in by midnight or make contact with the instructor, the instructor will notify the Registrar and the student will be dropped from the roster.

Online "attendance" requirements differ from on campus requirements due to the unique nature of online learning.  Online courses are designated as outcome-based and not attendance-based courses.  The emphasis falls on fulfilling the course learning objectives, not the amount of time it takes to complete the course.  Students are expected to complete all assignments in accordance with due dates and instructions published in the course syllabus.  The course instructor will designate in the syllabus any online or on campus events (e.g. final exam) for which attendance is required.  Appeals regarding attendance will follow the same procedure as grade appeals.

Incomplete Grades
Requests for the grade of Incomplete (I) will follow the same procedures and policies as on campus courses, which can be found on page 235 of the 2009-2010 Academic Catalog.

Students are responsible for procuring the correct textbook(s) for an online course.  Textbooks are available from the Anderson University Bookstore, which can be contacted at 864-231-2010 or  Students who purchase textbooks elsewhere do so at their own risk.  Online instructors will not work with multiple editions of textbooks.

Contact Information
If you have other questions, check our our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us using the information below.

University Registrar
Anderson University
316 Boulevard, Anderson SC, 29621
Ph: 864-231-2120 or 800-542-3594
Fax: 864-231-5605

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