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What is required to apply for admission to the Graduate School? 

Requirements will vary by institution. 

Bachelor’s degree (or its international equivalent) from a regionally accredited institution

Standardized test scores (e.g. GRE, GMAT)

Letters of recommendation (usually three)

Writing sample, portfolio or audition

Additional graduate program application 

What to do:  End of Junior Year / Summer Before Senior Year

Narrow the number of institutions you are interested in:

    Talk with your advisor, other faculty/staff

    Talk to graduate students on your area of interest

    Review publications such as Peterson’s Guide and U.S. News & World Report

    Make campus visits

    Consult college catalogs

    Seek alumni recommendations

Letters of recommendation:

    Carefully choose recommenders

    Avoid using “influential” people or friends

    Ask faculty members who know you, your work, goals and accomplishments

    Keep in contact with faculty recommenders during your junior and senior years

    Ask the recommenders to include specifics, such as class rank, comparison ratings or specific research experience

    Highlight accomplishments not readily seen in the rest of the application

    Give recommenders lead time / provide postage

    Arrange for one extra letter as “insurance”

What to do:  Early Fall      

Obtain application materials:

    Attend graduate and professional school recruiting fairs to obtain application materials

    Before attending, research schools that interest you

    GRE Student Search Service matches prospective students with universities that provide application materials

    Send for application materials and catalogs

    Use the Internet to locate information and obtain application materials

    Carefully review application materials for information and requirements (e.g. have you completed the necessary prerequisites or is experience required?)

    Take the GRE or GMAT if required.  For information contact Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08541, Phone:  609-921-9000

    GRE general test is given by computer only, subject tests are administered by paper

    Start drafting your statement of purpose

    Consider financial aid options

What to do:  Mid to Late Fall

Complete application forms:

    The graduate application process is more interactive than the undergraduate process

    Follow directions / proofread

    Copy everything you submit

    Note deadlines and apply early

When the application is submitted:

    Submit application fee


Statement of objectives:

    Clearly state area of interest

    State long term goals

    Opportunity to state educational / research accomplishments related to goals

    Include awards, literary prizes, publications

    Outline any teaching experience

    List language skills

    List leadership roles / volunteer work

    Focus on the positive

    Tailor to the specific program; mention faculty with whom you would like to study

    Follow directions (i.e. answer specific questions)

    Use correct paragraph construction, spelling and grammar to demonstrate writing ability

    Length:  brief but informative, and stay within any stated page limits

What to do:  Winter

     Final admission decision

    Financial aid awards

    By agreement of all universities in the national Council of Graduate Schools,

financial aid accepted on or after April 15 is a firm commitment


Role of The Graduate School vs. graduate programs: 

    Applications processed by The Graduate School Office of Admissions

    Admission decisions made by graduate programs

    Official notification of admission decision comes from The Graduate School of Admissions

Select your graduate program:

    Program should closely match your interests

    Consider the cost of living and tuition expenses vs. availability of funding


    Consider the quality of programs, rankings

    Ask faculty for advice


Following admission:  If you are admitted, we encourage you to visit our campus and speak with faculty and students in your prospective graduate program.  We believe this is the best way for you to assess the quality and environment of our programs. 

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