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NYC Orientation TOMORROW!!!!!!

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Can't believe we will all be here together finally tomorrow night!!!!! Can't wait to see you all- just to make sure we're all clear, we will meet here in Sullivan at 8:30pm for an orientation meeting. Sullivan is the last building on the front drive, right past the tennis courts. After the meeting, you will be able to go to your dorm and attempt to get sleep- remember, pack a separate bag to get you through Thursday night and Friday- your suitcase will be UNDER the bus locked up!! We will get up EARLY Friday morning, breakfast at 5:30 and we will be driving out of here at 6:00am. I will have sandwiches for everyone for lunch Friday and we will have to stop to grab something REALLY fast for supper so that we can hurry up and get there! Once we get to the hotel, we will be able to go back out together and explore a little bit before we crash for the night. Don't forget to bring snacks- to say it will be a long bus ride is an understatement!! Greg and I are so excited that you have decided to spend a week of your summer with us as we prepare to serve the people of NYC! See you tomorrow!!!!