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NYC Orientation TOMORROW!!!!!!

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Can't believe we will all be here together finally tomorrow night!!!!! Can't wait to see you all- just to make sure we're all clear, we will meet here in Sullivan at 8:30pm for an orientation meeting. Sullivan is the last building on the front drive, right past the tennis courts. After the meeting, you will be able to go to your dorm and attempt to get sleep- remember, pack a separate bag to get you through Thursday night and Friday- your suitcase will be UNDER the bus locked up!! We will get up EARLY Friday morning, breakfast at 5:30 and we will be driving out of here at 6:00am. I will have sandwiches for everyone for lunch Friday and we will have to stop to grab something REALLY fast for supper so that we can hurry up and get there! Once we get to the hotel, we will be able to go back out together and explore a little bit before we crash for the night. Don't forget to bring snacks- to say it will be a long bus ride is an understatement!! Greg and I are so excited that you have decided to spend a week of your summer with us as we prepare to serve the people of NYC! See you tomorrow!!!!

New York City Uprising (6-16-09)

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New York City Uprising Update



This afternoon I spent some great time praying with the leaders of City Uprising via a conference call. Our time together was challenging and encouraging at the same time. We were challenged to the fact that stats need to become people. As the AU City Uprising team makes our final plans for this fantastic mission opportunity, let me challenge all of us to focus our prayers towards the following three areas.


  • First, pray for the specific needs in New York City.
    • We will be working with over thirty HIV clinics in the city. There is a huge gulf between the HIV community and American Christianity. Pray that during our trip we will see God close this gulf through His love.
    • Pray for the public school system in New York City. Our community work will be focused on two of these schools, but there are great opportunities for ministry and sharing the Gospel message in one of the oldest and largest school systems in the United States.
    • Pray for the people we will encounter as we move around the city. There are large Jewish and Catholic communities who have little knowledge of or faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for openness to the Gospel.
    • Pray for Greg Cruz, a new believer who is HIV positive and wrestles with the darkness of homosexuality. Pray for him as he walks in relationship with Christ and grows in faith.
  • Second, I ask that we would pray for one another.
    • So far, we have only been able to communicate on Facebook, this blog and a few phone calls. Pray that our hearts would be knit together by a greater purpose than ourselves. Pray for the glory of Christ Jesus to shine through and guide us as we meet next week.
    • Pray for our team and the other teams coming to New York. Pray for our travels as groups come from Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and accross the nation.
    • Pray for each individual on this trip to hear a mighty word from God.
  • Third, Let us pray for the Vision behind City Uprising.
    • Pray for Pastor Aaron Coe, his family and his team as they prepare spiritually for this event.
    • Pray the scripture Jeremiah 33:9, that God would propel the Church and prosper the City.



Homeless for the Homeless

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Homeless for the Homeless Event @ Anderson University

The Homeless for Homeless Event is designed to help raise community awareness about the homeless needs in Anderson County and beyond.  This year Anderson University will host its first HH event.  The event invites Anderson locals to come out for free food and entertainment and to pay to sleep outside to raise money for our local homeless ministries.  This year's sponsors include AIM (Anderson Interfaith Ministries).

WHEN:  Friday, September 18th- Saturday, September 19th

TIME:    6:00pm on the 18th until 10:00am on the 19th

COST:   $20 for Adults

             $15 for Students

             $10 T-shirts






NYC Mission Trip Medical Release Form

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I'm going to e-mail everyone today a copy of the medical release form. Please get this back to me as soon as possible- I have to have this before the trip. You can mail it, e-mail it, fax it, however you want!!! Also, don't forget, the balance of the trip $$ is due NEXT Friday, June 19th!

NYC To Bring List

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To Bring List: Please keep checking back- I will probably be updating this as the trip gets closer!

1.       Pillow (needed for Thursday night sleeping in dorm)

2.       Sleeping bag (you can leave sleeping bag and/or pillow at AU while we are on the trip). You can bring pillow on the bus!

3.       PLEASE PACK A SEPARATE BAG WITH EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED FOR THURSDAY NIGHT AND THE RIDE ON FRIDAY. Luggage will be packed and locked on the bus on Thursday night so that we can eat and run Friday. You will not be able to access your suitcase Thursday night once it is locked up.

4.       Bible/journal/pen

5.       Snacks for trip to NY, during trip, and trip home. We will be making bathroom stops and one quick meal break on the way up. We will be making bag lunches for trip up on Friday. On trip back, be prepared to pay for your meals. Please bring plenty of snacks for the trip up, snacks if you want them in your hotel, and for the trip home. Breakfast will be provided Friday morning and there will be breakfast at the hotel each morning.

6.       Work clothes- clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty in, long pants, CLOSED TOE SHOES (tennis shoes). May be doing some painting too, so bring something you don’t mind messing up.

7.       Please keep an emergency $20 on you at all times. If you were to get separated from your group, you would have taxi money to get back to the hotel. You will be given the phone numbers of Greg Allgood and Lynn Guthrie to contact at any time.

8.       Spending money- you will be eating breakfast at the hotel each morning but will be responsible for your own lunch and supper each day. Also, if you want souvenirs, or would like to see a Broadway show, etc., you will need to bring money for that.

9.       Jeans will be fine for church on Sunday. Please bring comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking.


NYC Mission Projects

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New York City Update

Perhaps you are wondering about some of the specific mission projects that we will be involved in during City Uprising.  Here are some specifics from the folks at The Gallery Church.

First, here is a little piece of information that Aaron Coe (pastor of The Gallery Church) shared with the team leaders yesterday during our conference call.  I had always heard that there are approximately 191 different people groups in New York City, but according to Aaron, there are over 500 different people groups. This drives home the concept of New York being the crossroads of the world.  This is amazing!

Now, let me share some specific mission information regarding our trip. We are going to work alongside students and adults from all over the country. There are approximately 300 participants in City Uprising. Our service projects are divided into three specific ministry categories;

·         Community Projects - This will involve light construction (painting, cleaning, moving furniture, some hammering and such). We will be working with two public high schools (PS 9 and Rushton High school in Manhattan) and Health People (an organization that ministers to orphans  of AIDS )in the Bronx.

·         Hosting for HIV Testing – It is estimated that over 50 thousand people in New York are HIV positive and aren’t even aware. Last year,  through our partnering agencies, we saw 881 people tested. Our main task will involve passing out invite cards and welcoming folks as they arrive.

·         Renegade Arts Initiative – The Gallery Church is renting new space at 27th & Broadway called Salt Arts Space. We will be assisting them as they launch this unique ministry in the City. The church is located in the heart of the arts district and this new space will provide multiple opportunities to reach the community.

These are the three main areas of ministry that we are working with in New York. In order   to stay up to date on all of the arrangements from City Uprising,  a new Twitter account is being developed. We will have more details coming in the days ahead.




Welcome to our NEW Campus Ministries Blog!

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Every summer,students ask me, "What do you do with your summer?". My general response is, "We sit on the front porch in our rocking chair and wait on the students to come back." LOL!! Between all the meetings, evaluations, and planning for the next year, we get to meet with incoming freshmen, trustees, campers, and parents. In our spare time, we think of better ways to communicate! One of those ideas is our new Anderson University Campus Ministries' blog, which you are now reading. Our hope and prayer is that we will be able to keep everyone updated on all of the happenings of Campus Ministries.


Here are some of the topics you will be reading about in upcoming posts:

  • Journey program- speakers and schedules
  • Women's Ministries
  • Camps
  • Summer Missions- stories and opportunities, and updates on upcoming NYC mission trip 
  • Men's Ministries
  • Personal thoughts from our Campus Ministries Staff

Take time to check out our blog on a regular basis. I am looking forward to sharing my personal thoughts, passions, and dreams with each of you on a regular basis.