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Here are the final numbers from our City Uprising mission trip to New York City, June 26 - July 2. This report mainly focuses on the numbers from our trip. We hope to share some stories of transformation in the near future. Here are the hard numbers from Aaron Coe, the pastor of The Gallery Church.

  • Art Projects:
    500 New Yorkers directly engaged in art projects (creating art, engaging in conversation, etc).
    Over 150 photos created in the "Purity" Project
    Art Exhibit with over 50 people in attendance
  • Community Projects:
    Worked with 6 community organizations (schools, clinics, etc).
    12 work projects
    67 gallons of paint used
    9,500 square feet of interior wall space painted
    1 wall built at Community Health Clinic
    Folded Clothes/ Organized Thrift Store for Homeless Shelter and Health Clinic

    HIV Testing:

    Day 1:
    14 Testing Sites
    370 Individuals Tested

    Day 2:
    8 Testing Sites
    256 Individuals Tested

    Day Three:
    18 Testing Sites
    1,221 Individuals Tested (our goal was 1000)

    40 Testing Sites
    1,847 Individuals Tested
    Average of 46 Individuals Tested Per Site!


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