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Get Linked October 21, 2009!!

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On Wednesday, October 21st at 10:00am the second annual Get Linked Conference gets started in Rainey Fine Arts Center.  The conference is designed to get you (yes , you!) connected with a solid camp or missions organization this summer.   Why sit and eat Hot Pockets on the couch when you can be trekking with shepherds in India or wakeboarding in Seattle?  Plus you get paid!  Camp life and mission trips around the world are breeding grounds for personal growth and change in your life.  Yes, you can work at the local ice cream shop and date your girlfriend on the weekend, but is that really changing your life or even better- are you changing anyone else’s life?   Do not miss this opportunity to Get Linked to some of the best camp and mission sending organizations in the country.  Pick up an application and some info from the tables in Merritt lobby following chapel and have brunch in the cafe.  Come back by if you have questions at dinner.  Let’s go beyond!  If you have questions visit our website.

Get Linked Missions Conference

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Are you looking for quality camp staff or excited mission-minded students?

If you are a student, are you looking to do something with your summer besides sleep late and veg?


Then you do not want to miss this year’s Get Linked Conference at Anderson University on October 21st. The Get Linked Conference at Anderson will connect you to camps and mission sending organizations that can help you develop as an adult and follower of Christ.  The conference is free to our sponsors and our students.  We understand that the 140+ students who served this past summer have been CHANGED.  Do not miss out on this opportunity. 


Check out some of the agencies that will be at this year’s conference: