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NYC To Bring List

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To Bring List: Please keep checking back- I will probably be updating this as the trip gets closer!

1.       Pillow (needed for Thursday night sleeping in dorm)

2.       Sleeping bag (you can leave sleeping bag and/or pillow at AU while we are on the trip). You can bring pillow on the bus!

3.       PLEASE PACK A SEPARATE BAG WITH EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED FOR THURSDAY NIGHT AND THE RIDE ON FRIDAY. Luggage will be packed and locked on the bus on Thursday night so that we can eat and run Friday. You will not be able to access your suitcase Thursday night once it is locked up.

4.       Bible/journal/pen

5.       Snacks for trip to NY, during trip, and trip home. We will be making bathroom stops and one quick meal break on the way up. We will be making bag lunches for trip up on Friday. On trip back, be prepared to pay for your meals. Please bring plenty of snacks for the trip up, snacks if you want them in your hotel, and for the trip home. Breakfast will be provided Friday morning and there will be breakfast at the hotel each morning.

6.       Work clothes- clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty in, long pants, CLOSED TOE SHOES (tennis shoes). May be doing some painting too, so bring something you don’t mind messing up.

7.       Please keep an emergency $20 on you at all times. If you were to get separated from your group, you would have taxi money to get back to the hotel. You will be given the phone numbers of Greg Allgood and Lynn Guthrie to contact at any time.

8.       Spending money- you will be eating breakfast at the hotel each morning but will be responsible for your own lunch and supper each day. Also, if you want souvenirs, or would like to see a Broadway show, etc., you will need to bring money for that.

9.       Jeans will be fine for church on Sunday. Please bring comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking.