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Enactus Team 2012
AU Enactus team

Anderson University Enactus team wins at USA Regional Competition

The Anderson University Enactus team was named a 1st Runner-up at the Enactus USA Regional Competition held in Atlanta, GA. The event is one of 16 Enactus USA Regional Competitions being held across the United States in March and April. Anderson University is one of more than 500 Enactus programs in the United States. Participating students use business concepts to develop community outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

2013-14 AU Enactus Activities

Our Enactus Team shined once again in the Enactus Partner Project Competitions.

After being named three-time national champions of the Sam's Club Environmental Sustainability Project, the project's criteria were changed to encompass far more than environmental sustainability factors. This year, the project was renamed Sam's Club Step Up for Small Business Challenge. Despite the change in criteria, Anderson University Enactus's work this year for local floristry; Nature's Corner landed our team a top spot in the final judging. Of the 117 Enactus teams that submitted into the Sam's Club Project, AU Enactus was named one of the eight finalists at an awards reception sponsored by Sam's Club. Our team has a strong relationship with Sam's Club – the entire staff of 15+ representing Sam's Club and Walmart at the Exposition attended our Enactus team's competition presentation today – a very rare occurrence!

In the next special competition, the Walmart Women's Economic Empowerment Project, our Enactus team submitted our partnership and efforts with Anderson Interfaith Ministries' Women and Children Succeeding (WACS) Program. Again, AU Enactus rose to the top, being named one of the top 10 finalists for the Walmart-sponsored competition.

Lastly, this year Enactus again participated in the Campbell's Soup Company's Let's Can Hunger Challenge. Through this project, our team worked to provide immediate hunger relief, and defeat the long-term issue of hunger in Anderson County. This year alone, our Enactus team raised 40,147 pounds of nonperishable food. Out of the 150+ teams that participated in this project, our Enactus team was named 8th in total amount of food collected this year. For this achievement, our Enactus team was invited to the Campbell's "Silver Spoon Reception," where we were able to connect with Executive Leadership of Campbell's Soup Company and Enactus Corporate.

In regards to the Enactus competition, our team was named 2nd runner up in our League, marking the first time in the history of Anderson Enactus that our team has placed in National Competition. While only the top team from each league advances to the semi-final round, this achievement is a great one for our team, and is the result of our continued growth and impact in the Anderson community and abroad. Virtually, of the 800 Enactus Teams across the United States, 156 were chosen to compete here at the National Exposition. By placing in the opening round of competition, we have been named one of the top 60 Enactus teams in the nation.

Lowe's Challenge: With the economic downturn and poverty being on the rise in Anderson, SC our Enactus team's goal this year for the Lowe's challenge was to raise the quality of life and standard of living for the homeless living at the Salvation Army shelter in our county. Our team conducted a screening of several shelters in Anderson and came to the conclusion that the Salvation Army had the highest need and potential for improvement. Our team identified unsafe playground equipment on the current site. Additionally, our team identified an area of land that would be a great location for raised gardens. The gardens give the residents and workers within the homeless shelter a reason to go outside, work with the gardens, and escape their current situation. We found enough unused space within the park to create a basketball court and dining area. As our team finished building the basketball court several residences immediately came outside and played basketball. They expressed much happiness, showing that this immediately increased the residence quality of life. Our final touch was creating a patio and grill area with picnic tables. Our work with the Salvation Army is raising the standard of living of the people by providing attractive and productive recreation and relaxation facilities for the homeless residents and workers at the Anderson, SC Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.

Teams compete first at the regional and national levels, then at the international level when the national champion teams from each country meet at the Enactus World Cup. Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together the leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. Founded in 1975, Enactus has active programs on more than 1300 college and university campuses in over 40 countries. Through projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, the university students, academic professionals and industry leaders who participate in Enactus are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change. For more information, contact Enactus World Headquarters at 417-831-9505 or Anderson University, 864-231-5754, or visit www.enactus.org.


Greg Massullo - President

Valerie Owens

Chris Neuenschwander - Faculty Advisor

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