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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Business is committed to assessing its programs of study. All program learning outcomes support the institution's learning outcomes for general education requirements. The student learning outcomes for the undergraduate BS and BBA programs include:

  • Business Knowledge – Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the common professional core (CPC) concepts.
  • Application of Business Knowledge – Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the CPC concepts.
  • Computer Skills – Students will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge in word processing, spreadsheets, business related databases, electronic mail, the Windows environment, presentation graphics, and computers as a tool in business.
  • Integration of Biblical Principles – Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize biblical principles as they relate to business issues, analyze ethical problems from a Christian perspective, and defend resolutions for practical situations that occur in all areas of business.

Evidence of Student Achievement for the Undergraduate Program

The Major Field Test in Business provided by Educational Testing Services is given to all senior business students in the BUS 490 capstone course. This test measures student understanding of the common professional core concepts.

In the spring 2014 BS degree group, one student scored in the 96th percentile and two students scored in the 99th percentile. The College goal is for students to score at or above the national mean overall as well as in the individual assessment categories for each discipline. This occurred in all categories except three. Plans to improve review sessions and instruction in the areas of accounting, economics and international issues are under way. For the ten local questions regarding business ethics students scored above 50%. See link below to Major Field Test Results – ETS Results Spring 2014.

An emphasis is placed on application of the business knowledge learned. Highlights of activities students have engaged in are included in the Business Connections document. Activities include Business Club, travel abroad experience, seminars/conferences, marketing class projects, Enactus activities and internship experiences. See link below to Business Connections 2013-2014.

Enactus activities for 2013-2014 gave students hands-on experience with small business projects. – See link below to Enactus.

All business students must complete an internship before graduation, The internship is most commonly done the summer between the junior and senior years. Of the 68 student interns for summer 2013, 68% had paid internships, 88% worked in for-profit organizations. 34% of these interns were offered full-time employment after completing their internship. – See link below to Internship Placement for 2013.

Graduate Program

Student learning outcomes for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) include:

  • Development of Business Knowledge – Graduate students will demonstrate an understanding of advanced business concepts in the area of management with supporting knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, professional ethics, and quantitative business analysis. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between business disciples in domestic and global environments.
  • Application of Business Knowledge – Graduate students will demonstrate the ability to apply advanced business concepts, integrate business disciplines to analyze and interpret business issues, and apply management tools to solve problems.
  • Integration of Ethical Principles – Graduate students will demonstrate the ability to integrate Christian principles in business operations and decision-making, and recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas in all facets of business and to apply ethical principles in resolving issues with integrity.

Evidence of Student Achievement for the MBA Program

Achievement by our MBA students is evidenced by the success of our graduate students. Two recent MBA students will be pursuing their PhD at Clemson University in the Leadership program. These include Gemma Xian, May 2014 graduate, and Mark Williamson, a May 2013 graduate.

Student achievement at the course level is evidenced by looking at the Individual MBA Course Assessments for Fall 2013 through Spring 2014. – See link to MBA Course Assessments.

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