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Business Students Learn from Executives, Managers at SYNNEX Corporation

Synnex Meeting with Students

For the sixth year, IT products and services distributor SYNNEX Corporation (SNX Revenues $11Billion+) hosted AU students to meet and learn from executives and company leaders.

This year 103 Anderson University students spent Oct. 24-25 in Greenville, South Carolina, learning from executives and managers. The following speakers addressed the Principles of Marketing and internship classes:

• SYNNEX Executive Vice President and CFO Thomas Alsborg
• SYNEXX President Peter Laroque
• SVP Product Marketing Mike Van Gieson
• VP of US Marketing Mary Ellen Grom
• The Microsoft Marketing team who shared their plans for rolling out Microsoft 8 to Value Added Resellers

Student Michael Curry loved two of Alsborg’s statements: "Don't confuse who you are with what you do," and "do not compromise character in your business."

Student Michael Shirley said, “I'm so thankful for the professionals at SYNNEX that care enough to share their personal experiences with us. They could be doing a million other things with their time, but they decided to share their time with us; and that means a lot. ”

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