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Master of Education

EDU 501 - Current Issues in Public School Education
Policies, programs, and trends that directly or indirectly impact public schools are examined and evaluated using research, analysis, and assessment in order to determine their relevance to teaching and learning in diverse public school settings.

EDU 502 - Best Current Teaching Practices
Strategies for effectively using and accommodating best current teaching procedures that have been proven by research to enhance classroom teaching and learning will be examined and asses in terms of the integration of content areas, use of technology, national and state standards, the needs of diverse school populations, and policies/directives aimed at accountability issues.

EDU 503 - Strategies for Addressing Diversity in the Classroom
An inquiry into the multicultural dimensions of American educators by comparison to ethnic, racial, religious, and social issues with regard to cultural and socioeconomic differences including a philosophical analysis of the concepts of cultural pluralism and its broad implications.

EDU 504 - Education of Students with Exceptionalities
Study of ethical and legal aspects of exceptional students, characteristics and needs of the exceptional students, and research into program development and assessment for teachers and administrators who may work with exceptional students or those preparing to develop classes for such students.

EDU 505 - Principles of Curriculum Development
Study of K-12 school curriculum that includes a development of the philosophical and historical perspective of curriculum in the United States, the current relationship of curriculum to societal needs and policies governing learning and teaching, use and impact of technology, and strategies to equip teachers in the development and implementation of curriculum to meet the needs of today’s learners.

EDU 506 - School and Community Relations
Using inquiry, research, and evaluation strategies regarding school and community relations the interdependence of school and community is identified and defined in terms of societal expectations of America’s schools and the effects of these expectations on educational political, economic, and demographic changes on educational policy.

EDU 521 - Assessment of Learners
This course is a study of how to use assessment results to improve student learning. The course will consider test validity and reliability so that test results can be interpreted to indicate learners’ proximity to learning targets. Topics include test planning and formatting, strategies for learner’s involvement in the testing process, communication with caregivers, portfolios, and scoring instruments.

EDU 522 - Educational Leadership
A study of administrative theory leadership principles, including the conceptual and structural organization of public education as well as educational governance at the federal, state, and local levels. It is also a study of administrative theory, leadership principles, the conceptual and structural organization of the environment, and the processes involved in educational leadership. The course is to provide an initial understanding of the nature and specific characteristics of educational leaders, the varied roles of educational leaders and the relevant theories and practices of effective educational leaders to improve student learning.

EDU 523 - Literacy
This course focuses on the development of 21st century literacy skills in K-12 school settings. Emphasis is placed on current models and best practices for teaching and learning literacy skills and strategies using a wide variety of print and non-print materials with a global perspective. Students will relate national and state policies and standards to classroom practices designed to meet the literacy needs of all students.

EDU 524 - Theories of Learning
This course provides an analysis of contemporary and historically important learning theories and their applications to K-12 settings. Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge and ability to apply learning theory to instruction and assessment designed to make learning accessible to all learners.

EDU 597 - Educational Research
This course is designed for classroom teachers and administrators as an introduction to research. Its purposes are to help teachers and administrators understand, apply, analyze, utilize and assess a variety of research strategies for current and future needs that are relevant to school issues such as accountability, single gender classroom, school violence, etc. Components of study will include the study and development of: 1) current research strategies, 2) an abstract, 3) a research question or hypothesis of an area of interest, 4) a literature review related to the research question or hypothesis, 5) the role of reliability and validity, and 6) data collect/analysis strategies.

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