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Master of Music in Music Education (MM MEd) Program of Study

Required Music Education Courses (15 credit hours)

MUE 502: Introduction to Research in Music Education (3 Credit Hours)

Introduction to critical inquiry in music education, including historical, quantitative, qualitative, philosophical inquiry, action research, and mixed research designs. Emphasis placed on exploring and understanding articles in professional research journals, becoming familiar with basic concepts, terms, and statistical symbols, and developing competencies in locating and reviewing literature on selected topics.


MUE 511: Foundations of Music Education (3 Credit Hours)

An introductory course to the historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations of music education. Participants will address questions about improving instruction through critical reflection on past and current practices, with implications for future directions, and will evaluate and articulate cogen rationales for music teaching and learning.


MUE 526: Psychology of Music (3 Credit Hours)

An overview of human musicality as viewed through psychological and sociological perspectives. Topics include research and applications from social, developmental, and cognitive psychology, cognitive and perception of music, and current neuromusical research. Participants will investigate topics in music psychology to inform beliefs, policies, curricula, and practices in music teaching and learning.


MUE 535: Music Teaching and Learning (3 Credit Hours)

Application of philosophical rationales, psychological development, and historical/cultural considerations to designing and implementing music teaching and learning in areas of teaching specialties. Participants will design curriculum, implement instruction, and evaluate teaching and learning processes to refine and improve instruction.


MUE 542: Research/Teaching Project (1 Credit Hour)

Investigation of music teaching and learning in a research or teaching project, consisting of a review of literature, identificatino of a problem, application of critical inquiry processes, and reporting of results, conclusions, and recommendations. This one-hour course is repeatable and required for a minimum of 3 credit hours over 3 semesters.


Music History (3 Credit Hours)

MUH 530: Topics in Music History (3 Credit Hours)

Seminar on a topic from one of the major periods of western music history. Students will survery the lives of composers, their compositional output, and their influence on other composers and their music.


Music Theory (3 Credit Hours)

MUT 510: Analytical Techniques I (3 Credit Hours)

An Introduction to advanced techniques for analyzing tonal music.


Music Performance (2-3 Credit Hours in applied music and/or music ensembles)

MUA 501: Applied Lessons (1-2 Credit Hours)

Applied study of student's respective instrument. Repeatable for credit.


MUP 520: Music Ensemble (1 Credit Hour)

Development of individual performance skills in a collaborative environment through the study and performance of standard repertoire in the appropriate ensemble. Ensembles are open to all Anderson University students. An audition is expected for participation.


Music Special Topics an Education (EDU) Electives (to complete 30 hours)

MUE 530: Current Issues in Music Education (3 Credit Hours)

Seminar in current topics and issues in music education. Students will generate topics for discussion, investigate current literature, explore solutions, and clarify positions regarding various topics and issues encountered by music educators.


MUE 594: Special Topics in Music Education (3 Credit Hours)

Graduate seminar focused on a specific subject of interest to music education majors. Course content varies from offering to offering. may be repeated for different topics.


*EDU Courses offered through the College of Education


Graduate Review Courses (required if insufficient scores on placement exams)

MUH 497: Graduate Music History Review (1 Credit Hour)

A review of undergraduate music history concepts and skills. Offered as independent study and tailored to address specific needs of individual students.


MUT 498: Graduate Music Theory Review (1 Credit Hour)

A review of undergraduate music theory concepts and skills. Offered as independent study and tailored to address specific needs of individual students.

Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive review will be scheduled near the conclusion of the Master of Music in Music Education studies. The comprehensive review will include a review of the student's portfolio (which contains work from the student's courses and the research/teaching project), a comprehensive written exam, and an oral defense of the portfolio and written exam.

Upon completion of all coursework, submission of the portfolio including the research/teaching project, and completion of the comprehensive written exam, the student will be considered a candidate for the Master of Music in Music Education degree. At that point, the student will schedule a final oral defense. Upon successful completion of the oral defense, the student will be eligible for graduation. The research/teaching project will consist of an investigation of a research problem in music education reported in a "publication-quality manuscript" that could be submitted to a professional journal or for presentation at a professional conference. The student will share findings of the research/teaching project with peers in the program and with the oral defense committee. The purpose of these requirements is to provide a means for faculty review of portfolio products, synthesis of learning in a comprehensive written exam, and to prepare the candidate for advanced graduate research through the processes learned in the research course, research/teaching project, and other coursework.



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