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Podcasts, eTextbooks, and Podcasts about eTextbooks

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Podcasts, eTextbooks, and Podcasts About eTextbooks

by Kent Millwood



Last month while listening to a National Public Radio story about eTextbooks during my drive home, I thought to myself, “Wow! That’s exactly what Anderson University's Mobile Learning Committee was talking about at their meeting Friday, Sept. 3. Wouldn’t be nice if everyone interested in eTextbooks could hear the same radio story!



And you can.

The E-Textbook Experiment Turns A Page, by Lynn Neary, Sept. 17, 2010

Link to Audio – 5 min. 38 sec.

Link to Text



NPR is one of many websites providing free podcasts suitable for classroom use or support. While the emphasis is upon subscribing to their podcasts as you would to a newspaper, much of their archival content can be found via a key word search at the home page. There you will find a hodgepodge of content – not just in audio, but also in print, graphics and video as well. Warning, though, their search engine is primitive compared to a typical library database.



News outlets like NPR are increasingly disseminating their product in multiple formats, through multiple means of access - podcasts, blogs, newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, live feeds, etc. – providing readers/viewers/listeners what they want, when they want it, in whatever form they want it.



Not bad for a radio network.



Read more about Podcasting at the Thrift Library’s Knowledge Base.



Podcasting encompasses both audio and video content that may be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device for later use. Podcasts may or may not be free. Viewers/listeners usually subscribe to podcasts in the same way they do blogs. In fact, blogs can be delivered as podcasts.



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