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Changing Times: The Impact of Technology on Libraries and Classrooms
-       By Kent Millwood

I remember my first computer. Many years ago as the director of a different library I unpacked my brand new Tandy TRS-80 with combined B&W monitor and keyboard, and two 5 ½” floppy drives and marveled at all the wonderful things my library would now be able to do.


I couldn’t wait to create catalog cards by computer. Oh, Brave New World!


Just then my assistant walked in the room and informed me in an angry (and I now realize) frightened voice, that if she had to use “it”, she would quit. Welcome to the new age of technology.


Change can be frightening at any time, but when it is overwhelming, it can leave us feeling incompetent, irrelevant, and lost. So how do you handle what is quickly becoming a sea change in educational technology when you don’t even have time to master all the bells and whistles on your cell phone?


How does the old joke go? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


To help faculty, staff, and administration keep up with educational technology, its gadgets, its techniques, its principles, and how it is changing  libraries and classrooms, the library has created a webpage to cull the best articles, blogs, and websites, and organize them for your use. Over time, this annotated bibliography, will grow into a clearing house of information on topics such as open content, RSS feeds, eBooks, video lectures and podcasts, Teacher Tube, mobile devices, cloud computing, Millennials, and digital teaching and learning.


It will identify the big players in educational technology such as EDUCAUSE, Connexions, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Creative Commons, OCLC, and, yes, Google. It will direct you to free educational materials and software, tips and techniques, free online conferences, workshops, and tutorials, and seminal discussions.


Moreover, you are invited to suggest topics of personal interest and even to guest blog. So, if for instance, you know a lot about iPads or Moodle, here is a chance to share your experience.


Kent Millwood