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The Thrift Library’s Knowledge Base,
by Kent Millwood


When people constantly ask you the same questions - What are your hours? Where is the bathroom? How much are photocopies?  - I have learned to create a sign and post it near the point of use.


Some questions require instructions - How do I log onto wireless in the library? How do I find a specific journal? What is plagiarism? These tend to require documents of varying length, sometimes even manuals.


With the creation of the digital library, all of the library’s signs and documents moved online. We now have both Student and Faculty FAQs, Policies, How-Tos, research Pathfinders, countless Point of Use Instructions,  Maps and Directions, the Library’s Hours and Calendar, and even Library Orientations, Tutorials, and Self Help Quizzes – all accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world.


With over 100 documents added, just this semester, the library home page is getting a little crowded, and is now in the process of a redesign.


The first step in this redesign was the creation of a “Knowledge Base” – a sort of online manual to the digital library and miscellaneous other topics of interest to faculty. The Knowledge Base is simply a topics page containing hyperlinks to answers, instructions, and supporting documents - even websites.


Although still under construction, over two dozen topics are now available. If you look carefully, you will notice a strong correlation between the content of the Thrift Library Knowledge Base and this blog. The blog and the Knowledge Base are the library’s attempt to promote and assist faculty in the Mobile Learning Initiative.

Want to know how to keep up on educational technology? Use the Knowledge Base’s introductory article on Keeping Up, and then explore the accompanying hyperlinks.  Want to know how to find free digital classroom materials, including lectures? Use the Knowledge Base.


You are invited to not only use the Knowledge Base, but also help create it. There may be topics you are more knowledgeable about than we are. If so, submit a page on your topic of interest, and we will post it. Got a good web link? Send it on. Looking for a topic, but can’t find it? Let us know and we will research it and post the results for you, and everyone else, to use.