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Anderson University admits students of any race, color, sex, handicap, and national or ethnic origin. The information requested below will be used only for reporting purposes.
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Anderson University accepts students on the basis of academic qualification, character, and evidence of the potential to benefit from the university experience. The University considers all qualified applications without regard to race, religious creed, place of national origin, sex, disability, or ethnic group. Anderson University is a Christian institution, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, which seeks to educate minds and to magnify Christ. The standards of operation of the University reflect those of the sponsoring body, the traditions of the institution, and the ideals of the faculty and administration. Submission of this application by the student is a pledge indicating support of the college purpose, acceptance of financial
responsibility, and intention to observe regulations as stated in the catalog and student handbook.

I understand that withholding information requested on this application or providing false information may make me ineligible for admission or subject to dismissal. I certify that the statements I have made on this application are correct and complete.
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