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EBSCO(Small) EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EhIS) allows the novice user to search across multiple databases with a single search.  Search by major subject category or create your own database list.   About 
Warning! Since many databases are not available through Integrated Search, upper level searchers will want to use the Subject Table below to identify all relevant databases.

MEGA DATABASES- Huge databases on all topics.
Academic Search Premier   Collegiate  Scholarly. Contains 8,000 indexed titles, 4,500 full text titles   
Academic OneFile     Discus Scholarly. Contains 13,000 indexed journals, 5,000 full text. 
General OneFile     Discus General. Contains 12,000 indexed titles, 7,000 full text. All topics. All levels.
OmniFile Full Text Mega  – Scholarly. Contains 4,251 indexed journals, 2,700 in full text.

POWER SEARCH ENGINES- Search across multiple databases at once.
Gale Power Search      Search up to 34 Gale databases at the same time. 
All EBSCO Databases – Search up to 30 EBSCO databases at the same time.  [Mobile]   
All Gale Databases – Search up to 34 Gale databases at the same time.  
All ProQuest Databases 

 Discus - Databases marked with this logo are part of DISCUS - South Carolina’s Virtual Library. DISCUS gives all South Carolinians free online access to the best subscription library resources. Find magazine & newspaper articles, reference material, maps, pictures, student & teacher resources, the best Web links, and much more!

Collegiate Collegiate DISCUS is coordinated by PASCAL, in cooperation with its members, the South Carolina State Library, and other partners. Collegiate DISCUS is funded by the South Carolina General Assembly through an appropriation to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.


A-Z Database Listings Page
Database Descriptions Page


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