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New Netlibrary Features!

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The Thrift Library recently upgraded its NetLibrary account to allow downloading eBooks to your home or office computer, laptop, cell phone, eBook reader or other mobile devices.


Note that while two thirds of the library’s 36,000 NetLibrary titles are downloadable, some are not. You can tell if an eBook is downloadable by opening the book and looking under the eContent Details Tab. If the following link is present- Check Out & Download this eBook – then you can download it.  Also, you can limit your search to downloadable titles by selecting the format - Downloadable eBooks - in the advanced search mode.


Compatible portable devices include the Barnes & Noble Nook, Several Sony Digital Readers, and the COOL-ER. NetLibrary does not yet support Amazon’s Kindle. All devices that support  Adobe Content Server are compatible, although some work better than others with NetLibrary eBooks.


eBooks may be “checked out” to your device for 3-7 days.

NOTE: You must first download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer or mobile device in order to download and read NetLibrary eBooks off line. This free software is not the same as the more commonly used Adobe Reader. Users will have to register and set up a personal account with Adobe. Here’s how.


Spring 2010 Exam Schedule

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For Spring Exams, our schedule will be:


Sunday, May 2nd - 3 pm - Midnight

Monday, May 3rd - 8 am - Midnight

Tuesday, May 4th - 8 am - 9:30 pm

Wednesday, May 5th - 9 am - 7:30 pm

Thursday, May 6th - 9 am - 7:30 pm

Friday, May 7th - 9 am - 3 pm

Saturday, May 8th - Graduation - CLOSED

Sunday, May 9th - CLOSED

Monday, May 10th - Summer hours begin

Archive Picture of the Week - April 27th, 2010

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 Studying Student 1977 Image


Student Studying, 1977

Archive Picture of the Week - April 19th, 2010

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 Students in Library 1977 Image


Students in the Library, 1977

Tweeting 101

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Have you ever thought about using Twitter, but wondered how it works or how you would use it? On her blog, Aliza Sherman has created a cheat sheet for using Twitter. If you're interested in learning more about Twitter, check it out! 

Archive Picture of the Week - April 14th, 2010

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 AC Jazz Band Image


AC Jazz Band, 1979

Printing Changes in the Library

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Library’s reference printers now operate on campus wide print software. When you click on "print", a screen will pop up an ask you for your user name and password, and charge your account 5 cents per page.


New in the Library - LOGOS Bible Software

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Religion Resources Added to Library – LOGOS Bible Software

Compliments of the Christian Ministries Program, a new digital library of religion resources has been added to the Thrift Library, called LOGOS. This particular LOGOS package contains almost 1,250 resources:


Over 40 English Bibles and interlinears

Nearly 350 volumes of commentaries, like the Pillar New Testament Commentary ($310 value), the Baker New Testament Commentary ($250 value), and Charles Simeon’s Horae Homileticae Commentary ($700 value)

60+ volumes of grammars, lexicons, and original language helps

Dozens of texts in the original languages, like the NA27 and BHS

Thousands of high-quality maps, photos, infographics, and other media

Almost 175 volumes of theological reference books

Nearly 50 books on preaching, teaching, and ministry, including 10,000+ sermon illustrations, quotations, and other helps

A 70+ volume ministry resource library, with books on everything from youth ministry to small groups

Nearly 20 volumes on Bible history, culture, exegesis, and interpretation

            Due to licensing restrictions, LOGOS is not available online and must be limited to only one simultaneous user. Consequently, this impressive library of digital knowledge and the impressive software that links it all together is installed on the library’s far left reference computer.

    Click here to learn more - 



New in the Library - EBSCOhost Integrated Search

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EhIS … It’s Here!

EBSCOhost Integrated Search

Tired of searching the library’s 100+ databases one at a time? This new search tool marks the beginning of a new way of searching.


Search across all three of the library’s mega-databases at one time!

Search pre-selected subject categories – Business, Education, Literature, etc!

Search across up to 25 databases at one time!

A typical database search, even a mega-database search, limits you to no more than 5,000 titles. Many databases have less than 500 titles, necessitating that you repeat your search again and again in multiple databases. With EhIS, you can search up to 20,000 titles
at a time!


Click Here from On Campus

EBSCOhost Integrated Search  (EhIS)

About EHIS


Or go to the library’s database page. EhIS is displayed at the top of the page.




National Library Week, April 11th - 17th

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April 11th - 17th is National Library Week, and we have some exciting things planned!


Monday - 10:00 a.m. - CEP, Chapman Multimedia Room - Come learn how to use one of our newest searching tools!

Friday - 1:00 p.m. - Meet Your Librarians - Come meet your librarians, and enter in a drawing for some great prizes!


Also, come by the library and check out our display of banned books, located at the circulation desk. You'll be surprised at what you find! For more information, visit 

New in the Library - April 2010

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DATABASE of the Month…Opposing Viewpoints

This database covers today’s hottest social issues, from Terrorism to Endangered Species, Stem Cell Research to Gun Control.  More than 8,700 pro and con viewpoint articles and more than 4,700 topic overviews.  This database is very supportive of education.  It contains lesson plans, links to state standards, links to websites, statistics, downloadable content (graphics, audio and video), primary sources, and teacher resources.  Content can be searched by reading level.


From the Contemporary Christian Collection…

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

By Mark Batterson

BS 1325.52B38 2006

An inspirational book that encourages readers to make the most of opportunities and realize God’s power whatever the circumstances.  Using examples from the Bible, Batterson illuminates the truth that sometimes what seems like huge problems and obstacles in life can become the biggest blessings.   However, we must be willing to “chase lions” or face fears and rise to the greatness that God knows we are capable of. 


White Echoes

By Annie Dove Denmark

BX 6333.W55W5 2010

This book is a publication of Annie Dove Denmark, President of Anderson College from 1928 until 1953.  It contains the text of the sermons of her predecessor, Dr. John E. White, a beloved pastor of First Baptist Church in Anderson.  Denmark was not only Anderson College’s only female president, she was also the first female president in the state of South Carolina.  (As a side note, a play is in the works for next fall about Annie Dove Denmark’s life and work at our college.)


Religion and Society in Latin America

Eds. Lee Penyak and Walter Petry

BR 600.R385 2009

This book contains a collection of scholarly essays addressing the impact of religion on the cultures of Latin America.  A new addition for our Latin American history collection!


Architectural  Excellence: 500 Iconic Buildings

By Paul Cattermole

NA 200.C37 A73 2008

A cool collection of 500 of the most iconic and significant buildings from all over the world.  A concise history of architectural excellence!


Changes in Curriculum Lab Printing

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Education majors: Please note that there have been some changes made to printing int he curriculum lab. You'll now be charged for printing through your account (as in other campus labs), so you will not need to come to the front desk and pay any longer. You'll be charged 5 cents for a black and white print, and 50 cents for color.

Archive Picture of the Week - April 6th, 2010

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 Class Registration Image


Class Registration, 1980

2010 Easter Library Hours

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For the 2010 Easter holiday, the library's hours will be:


Thursday, April 1st - 8 am - 7:30 pm

Friday, April 2nd - Saturday, April 3rd - CLOSED

Sunday, April 4th - 7 pm - Midnight


We hope you have a happy, safe holiday!

A to Z Title List

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If you visit the library's website, you'll find a new feature available - the A to Z Title List. It will tell you what periodicals are available in the library and which databases carry them.

The Thrift Library’s new A-Z list also:

- Tells you how many periodicals are available for every Subject and Sub Topic, and then lists them.

- Allows you to search for Periodicals by Title, Subtitle, Alternate Title, Subject Area, Subtopics, Publisher, ISSN, and Key Words - and then takes you to the periodical.

- Lists all databases and tells you what periodicals are in what database.

- Tells you what years are available online according to database.

- Identifies Periodicals held in the library - Bound, Microfilm, Unbound, etc. and what years are covered.


For more information, please visit 

2009 - 2010 Student Library Survey Results

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our student library survey this year! Are you interested in learning about the responses we received, and what we plan to do with that information? If so, we've posted documents on our website containing that information, so please, take a look! 

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