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 Students in the Library 1927 Image


AC Students in the Library (then located in Merritt), 1927

Archive Picture of the Week

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Welcome Back!


 Students Moving Back to College 1981 Image


Students moving back to campus, 1981



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BibMe is a new citation program we would like to encourage students to try. This free program is very helpful, and offers a number of advantages over the Landmark Citation Generator.


About BibME –


  • BibMe will go out on the internet, find your source, and download the bibliographic information into a bibliography using the following sources:


         - FindArticles

         - Yahoo! News

         - CiteULike Academic Papers


  • It’s FREE!
  • You must register for an account before using. Thereafter you will use your email address and password to access your bibliographies.
  • Can search by title, author, ISBN
  • Creates citations/bibliographies in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian styles.
  • Bibliographies can be saved / edited /shared online.
  • Downloads bibliographies to Word.
  • You can save as many bibliographies as you want.
  • FAQ’s

Caveats –


  • Finds less than 50% of your sources. Hit rate goes down the older the source. Poor return on articles.
  • Do not enter periods, quotations marks, brackets, etc. BibMe will do that for you.
  • Does not correct spelling or capitalization.
  • BibMe is a tool for saving you time, not for doing what you cannot do. You still have to understand the rules of your citation style, because BibMe, like all citation generators, makes mistakes which you have to find and correct.
  • Supports the following formats. All other formats have to be entered manually.
  • Books and encyclopedias
  • Articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers
  • Websites
  • Film
  • Interview
  • Radio/TV
  • Photographs
  • Lectures
  • BibMe Sometimes demands information not available to you. If so, enter NA. Then edit the resulting citation.
  • Although BibMe handles multiple authors, it does not handle multiple editors or directors.
  • Good at downloading bibliographic information on home pages, but not information you have to drill down to.
  • Tends to name home pages twice – once as the home page and once as the author. If so, delete the author.
  • Omits number of volumes for multivolume reference works.
  • Does not link to articles within databases and so cannot autofill articles from Academic Search Premier, Academic OneFile, etc.
  • If using autofill from a page within a database (other than the home page) you will need to shorten the url to that of the home page.
  • If you are citing a book or encyclopedia in whole, use a book search and autofill. If citing an article/chapter in a book/encyclopedia, use the encyclopedia format under Other – but no autofill.
  • MLA does not add   Print / Web / Film / etc. to citation.

Welcome to our new blog!

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Welcome to the new Thrift Library Blog! We've moved from our old blog home at space on the university's site. All our old blog posts are still available at our old page but it will no longer be updated. Please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds to this site to continue receiving all of our updates and information!

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