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AC Cheerleaders, 1979

New in the Library - September 2010

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Multiple Intelligences Around the World
By Chen, Moran, and Gardner
BF 432.3C43 2009

An excellent resource for education majors, this book shares the true stories of multiple intelligence incorporation in schools in the United States and worldwide. Not only does this book provide an in depth understanding of the concept of multiple intelligences, but it also elaborates on what multiple intelligence theory looks like in the educational systems of other countries and cultures. This explanation of the cultural impact on multiple intelligence theory is crucial, for in the multicultural world of education that we live in today, an understanding of cultural impact on education is essential.


Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice
By C. Neal Johnson
HF 5388.J64 2009

In this book, the author presents a concept that is new to the world of business. He proposes to the Christian business arena the combination of one’s faith and work, a phenomenon called Business as Mission, or BAM for short. This book works through all of the processes of BAM, from the beginning stages to the maintenance of an established BAM company. This work provides an interesting perspective for those considering entering the business world.


The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey
By Candice Millard
F2546.M587 2006

This book tells the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s grandest adventure, his ride down the River of Doubt. The author creatively presents the material in a way that makes the story feel alive and real, yet she consistently maintains the validity of the account. Both well written and easy to follow, this is recommended for anyone who enjoys a good story and has an appreciation for history.


Afghanistan: A Military History from Alexander the Great to the War against the Taliban
By Stephen Tanner
DS 356.T27 2009

Through this book, the author presents the long and complex story of the war torn land of Afghanistan. From the times of Alexander the Great to the present day American presence, the portrayal of the rises and falls of the Afghan people helps one to greater understand the Afghan state at present.


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