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New in the Library - April 2013

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NEW DATABASE!  Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN)
Provides a library of 20,000+ theological thesis/dissertation titles representing research from as many as 132 different institutions. Also included in the database are conference papers presented at annual meeting of several academic societies. Some titles are available in full text, while others may be ordered online. The library has a pre-paid account that covers 500 free downloads a year. (Not currently accessible off campus- contact library for password).


The Ethics of Reality TV: A Philosophical Examination 
By Wendy Wyatt and Kristie Bunton
PN 1992.8.R43E84 2012
A book that evaluates the effect of reality television on society.  The work of leading scholars in the field of media ethics provide an examination of key issues surrounding the genre.


Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species
By Ian Stirling
QL737.C27S7266 2011
A fascinating book about the natural life cycle of a polar bear.  The book is written by a polar bear scientist and based on his extensive research.  Their life, history, and behavior are explored, as well as the threats to their species.


Photographing the Mexican Revolution
By John Mraz
F1234.M93317 2012
The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 is well documented with photographs.  In this book, the author-historian analyzes the pictures to discover the history behind them.

Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts
N328.G73 2012
A comprehensive guide to schools that offer a Master’s degree or other advanced degree in art studies including studio art and design, art education, conservation and historic preservation, and film production.

New in the Library - March, 2013

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 NEW DATABASE!  Literary Reference Center
From EbscoHost, a comprehensive database that provides more than 35,000 plot summaries, synopses, and work overviews.  Also provides nearly 100,000 articles and essays of literary criticism.

From eBooks on EbscoHost…
Always put in a recipe and other tips for living from Iowa’s best known homemaker
By Evelyn Birkby, 2012
A collection of weekly columns written by a Iowa farm wife.  Begun in 1949, the author conveys her wit and wisdom for the simple things in life in this timeless compilation.


Salvador Dali The Paintings Volume I, 1904-1946 by Robert Descharnes and Gilles Neret
ND813.D3 D47 2007 v. 1
This publication presents the entire collection of paintings of Salvador Dali.  Dali was one of the greatest exhibitionists and always regarded with controversy.  A fascinating glimpse into the provocative and extraordinary artist.


Fierce Pajamas Edited by David Remnick and Henry Finder
PN 6165.F54 2001
This book offers a collection of humor writing from The New Yorker.  The anthology gathers together the most humorous work of more than seventy New Yorker writers.  Parodies are drawn of not only writers, but also tv, cinema, and etiquette books. 


Paddle Your Own Kayak: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Kayaking
By Gary & Joanie McGuffin
GV783.M384  (On Display at the front desk currently)
A how-to book on the art of kayaking.  The book is designed for the experienced and novice, with detailed instruction on the sport’s essential techniques, and includes 600 color photographs.  Also included in the book are recommendations for camping destinations. 

New in the Library - February 2013

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2 New Nursing Databases!  From our Database page…

JAMA- The online, full text version of the Journal of the American Medical Association, an international peer-reviewed general medical journal. 

JOVE- Clinical and Translational Medicine- The Journal of Visualized Experiments database is a peer-reviewed video journal which serves as a primary reference and educational resource for scientists and physicians.  It is indexed in PubMed.

No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy SEAL

By Mark Owen with Kevin Maurer

VG 87 .O946 2012

Prepare to be taken onto the battle field alongside a team of Navy Seals as they embark on a mission to capture Osama bin Laden. Written by a former member of the SEAL Team Six, this narrative gives an inside look into the life of a SEAL, as well as the planning and implementation of Operation Neptune Spear which led to the death of Bin Laden. An insightful and interesting account that sheds light onto the men who constantly put their lives on the line for our country.


Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal

 A Reader’s Digest Book

RA 784 .F639 2013

This book addresses the effects of different foods on the body, as well as what to eat when trying to prevent or treat various ailments. Within this addition, more than 170 foods are listed along with easy ways to eat, cook, and store these foods in order to maximize their effects on the body. Anyone looking to revamp their eating habits should look into this helpful and informational text!


A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days

By Studio 3

Z 246 .S88 2011

Through the use of entertaining illustrations and comical narratives, this book gives the history of graphic design from 1776 through 1994. In this history various aspects of graphic design and its contributors are mentioned, such as its branches, developments, styles, and major milestones. A good read for aspiring graphic designers – or anyone – with nothing to do on a rainy day.


New in the Library - January 2013

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New Database…Cabell’s Directories
Founded to help professors, graduate students, and researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals.  Search for current contact information, internet link, review, number of external reviews, acceptance rate, ISSN, submission process and more.


From…ebrary Ebook Collection
GRE Prep Course
By Jeff Kolby, 2009
This book offers help with analytic techniques to conquer the GRE.  The focus of the book is to give understanding of how the questions are constructed to reduce student anxiety.  Contains sections on math, verbal, and writing skills.


Contextualization in World Missions
By A. Scott Moreau
BR115.C8 M667 2012

An important book about the controversial issue of contextualization.  By setting this topic in the context of history, current reality, and future possibilities provides a helpful framework for exploring this subject in regards to world missions.


Bowling Execution: Master Technique, Maximize Your Score
By John Jowdy
GV903.j69 2009
A Hall of Fame coach’s expertise on developing skills to refining techniques in bowling.  Tips are offered for improvement, strategies and mechanics .  A great read for raising your game and your bowling scores!


The Circus 1870s-1950s
GV 1803.J36 2010
A beautiful picture history book of the circus.  The book begins its chronicle at the height of circus enthusiasm, around the end of the 19th century.


New Books, November 2012

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New Database…Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus

Ovid is a new nursing database that includes 43 premier nursing journals. It is a great resource for any nursing major.


From ebooks on EbscoHost…

10 Best College Majors for Your Personality

By Laurence Shatkin, 2008

A great book that helps you explore different aspects of yourself to match you with a rewarding career.  A great read for anyone struggling with the college major decision.

Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students
By Mignon Fogarty
PE 1112 .F6127 2011

This book is a great resource for anyone who needs some writing tips. Written by a New York Times bestselling author, it covers everything from punctuation to parts of speech. It’s laid out in an easy to follow format and includes “Quick and Dirty tips” to help you remember the tricky rules.


Why We Get Fat
By Gary Taubes
RM 237.73 .T39 2011d

In this book, the author argues against the “calories-in, calories-out” philosophy of weight gain and loss. Presenting scientific evidence, he addresses the true reasons behind weight gain and obesity and the solutions to this great problem. This book is a great choice for anyone interested in nutrition or weight management.


It’s All About People Skills
By Jerry Boyle
LB 1025.3 .B696 2012

In this book, the author presents the idea that effective teachers have strong interpersonal or people skills. From instructional strategies to classroom management, this book highlights the important relational techniques necessary for a successful classroom. This is a great resource for anyone going into the field of education.


New eBook Collection!

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The Academic eBook Subscription Collection has been added to eBooks on EBSCOhost, which includes 86,000 titles! This collection covers a vast range of topics including art, business, literature, technology, and much more!

New Books, October 2012

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New Database!... Alt Health Watch
Features perspectives of complementary, holistic, and integrated approaches to health care and wellness.  Full text articles are available for more than 180 international, and often peer-reviewed journals and reports.

From eBooks on EbscoHost
Cracking the New Job Market: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy
By William Holland, 2012
A great book for any soon to be college graduate.  Tips are offered for demonstrating your value, polishing your resume, and acing that interview.  Also, pointers for using social media, negotiating the best salary, and finding your career passion are presented.


The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery: Rest, Relax, and Restore

By Sage Rountree

RD 97.R68 2011

This book offers the unique perspective of rest as the key to athletic success. According to the author, if you have hit a wall in your training it could be because you aren’t giving your body enough rest time. Offering many different rest strategies including massage, yoga, and meditation, this book is a great resource for anyone who is in training.



By R.J. Palacio

JUV PZ 7.P17526 Wo 2012

This book, the first novel by the author, is written from the perspective of a young boy named August who was born with a facial deformity. As he enters school for the first time, he faces all of the challenges of the new kid and then some. This a moving story that is not only well written but also thought provoking.   



By Dr. Robert Wicks

BF 698.35.R47 W54 2010

Are you stressed? If so, this is the book for you. This book is full of wonderful ideas on not only how to combat stress, but also how to transform stressful circumstances into opportunities. Written by one of the top authorities on the topic, this book provides many alternatives to allowing stress to have a negative impact on your life.


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