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The Anderson University Study Abroad program includes a concept called MY EDUCATION or ME.

What is ME?
The aim of ME is to provide the tools, encouragement and support needed for you to significantly enhance the overall experience of living in a different culture. Study abroad students often find it difficult or frightening to seek out opportunities to genuinely engage with the local community, and it is quite possible for students to study abroad without truly experiencing or learning about the host culture in a significant way.

The ME Program was developed to offer you, the student, the unique opportunity to make decisions about how you will learn about culture according to how you enjoy learning. Compiled by local CAPA education abroad advisors, the calendar offers a menu of different activities, events, volunteer opportunities, lectures, visits and self-directed tours to help teach you the most about your chosen host country.

These are often very different to and much more in depth than what a visitor would encounter, and by participating you will be able to reflect on how local people live and think. This program is not merely complementary to our other courses, it is integrated into the syllabi.

How does it work? What’s in it for me?

  • Our partner organization in Sydney, CAPA, presents a ME Calendar to all students and faculty. The events, activities and reflective sessions listed are designed around significant academic themes such as Community and People, Government and Power, Landscape and Time, and Arts and Culture. Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well-rounded, and in-depth view of the city and country in which you are studying.
  • ME activities are either staff-led or self-directed and examples include a Chinese New Years Festival, Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, Sydney Comedy Festival and Gavala Aboriginal Art Center. Every week, one item will be selected as the ME Event of the Week, and further information will be given on this highlighted event in hand-outs and in our Monday Memo newsletter delivered via email to students and faculty.
  • ME is delivered at an even deeper level through Reflective Sessions. A ME Reflective Session is a unique event organized by the CAPA center to give you the opportunity to reflect on and discuss a specific and newsworthy topic (examples include Immigration, National Identity, and the Environment). At these sessions, you will be given questions to debate and resources to find more information.
  • Most importantly, our faculty blend many of the ME activities into their courses. For example, a visit to the Houses of Parliament may be linked to a visit to the theatre to analyze a play about government followed by an evening lecture on Parliamentary law, linked to the thematic nature of our interdisciplinary course offerings. You will reap the benefits of truly holistic program design as each course and activity will provide you with a contextual and relevant educational experience.

Summary – You and ME

The ME Program, with its well researched and selected events and reflective seminars, provides the platform to deliver the strategy of total educational and cultural immersion in a proactive manner to all of our students and faculty while studying abroad. These events and the fascinating ways of seeing them in their cultural context are designed with YOU in mind, so attend as many of them as you can, and become a true student of life during your education abroad experience.

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