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Assistant Professor of Nursing Dawn L. Henderson, MSN/ED, RN

MSN/ED, University of Phoenix
BSN, University of Phoenix

Expertise/Classes Teach
Adult Health (NUR 324)
Foundations in Nursing (NUR 320)
Issues in Professional Nursing (NUR 451)
Senior Seminar (NUR 459)

Experience, adaptability and tenacity are all essential characteristics for being an assistant professor of nursing in Anderson University’s nursing program. That is why when several of the faculty members of the program met Dawn Henderson they immediately knew she would be a perfect fit.

Henderson’s diverse background in teaching, nursing, and leadership roles has equipped her to quickly adapt to new students and an evolving nursing program. Her perseverance in challenging situations makes her a role model and well suited for leadership positions.

Before moving to South Carolina to be a professor and help develop additional nursing programs at Anderson University, Henderson worked as a program coordinator for the post-licensure nursing program at Indiana Wesleyan University. Designing and developing their program’s course curriculum was overwhelming at first. However, Henderson says she took on the challenge and gained a keener awareness of God’s presence and faithfulness in the process.

She describes faith as the center of her life and a big part of what she infuses into her teaching style. She wants to show students how faith can be integrated into everyday life and combined with a solid foundation of nursing skills to care for their patients.

Henderson’s experience in a broad range of work settings is an asset to draw on when students need help choosing their career path. Her journey into the medical field started when she was a senior in high school and decided to pursue nursing. She earned her AAS in Nursing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her first job was as a staff nurse in the obstetrical unit at Ohio’s Middletown Regional Hospital, now known as Atrium Medical Center. She continued her education at University of Phoenix, where she received a BS in nursing and went back later for a MS in nursing and nursing education. She also worked for a private home care company, a hospital, and the Ohio Department of Health. Henderson’s nursing experience includes nursing instruction, regulatory compliance, case management, public relations and medical marketing.

Henderson has significant leadership experience as well, including being the director of nursing at a home nursing company in Dayton, Ohio and the executive director of a non-profit. The fledgling organization, Middletown Area Crisis Pregnancy Center in Ohio, asked for help getting established. Henderson stepped in and within a year she had helped them become a solvent organization with funding and a staff.

Although Henderson excels wherever she is needed, her favorite aspect of the nursing field is being an instructor so she can see the changes in people’s lives and know she made a difference. Her desire to teach advanced-level nursing courses led her to pursue her doctorate in nursing practice from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Even her final research project explores the connection between health promotion and religious beliefs, a specialty nursing practice called faith community nursing

Henderson believes that faith means contributing to the community as well and has made a point to be involved as much as possible by volunteering her nursing services and participating in free health clinics. When she is not volunteering or working on her doctorate project, she spends her free time with her husband, Don. She also enjoys cooking, inline skating, photography, and keeping in touch with their four sons, four grandchildren, and her parents.


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