College of Arts and Sciences

Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences focus on cultural engagement, developing character, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and servant leadership. The College actively incorporates the use of mobile learning technologies, supports student research initiatives, and offers internship opportunities to prepare students for graduate school and strengthen their competitiveness in the job market. Our many disciplines intersect in ways that offer students the opportunity to encounter core Christian values across divergent perspectives relevant to personal growth and spiritual maturity while building transferrable skills crucial to any career. Here are the numbers of students impacted by your generosity:

  • 503: number of students with majors in CAS
  • 160: Number of students with minors in CAS
  • 127: number of full and part-time faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences
  • 116: number of pages in last year’s Ivy Leaves, our award-winning, student-led Literary and Art journal
  • 100: percentage of Biology and Biochemistry majors in the last five years who have been accepted into pharmacy school
  • 18: number of degree programs offered
  • 14: number of minors offered
  • 13: number of departments
  • 92.3: percentage of Biology and Biochemistry majors in the last five years who have been accepted into medical school


Experiential Learning in Action: Stage Three. Building the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Advantage Research Award program for undergraduate scholarship: We’ve chosen to continue this focus in our A Day campaign because, put simply, your donations have made a difference in our students’ lives. This focus also speaks directly to our mission in CAS and AU’s liberal arts heritage overall: a commitment to intellectual rigor and research in the context of core Christian values across divergent perspectives. Your donations directly impact the most deserving students in all of our arts and sciences programs, providing them with engaging learning experiences that build leadership skills, shape intellectual and personal growth, and prepare them for a lifetime of significance.

Goal:  $25,000


For the past few years, your donations have helped build the foundation for the Advantage Research Award program for student scholarship. This program has been enormously successful. Here’s a sampling of what our students do with your help:

  • CAS Biology students have won national awards for research in excellence in three of the past four years at the Ernest Everett Just Symposium at MUSC in Charleston, SC: Jonathan Low in 2018, Eslie Aquilar in 2016, and Rakish Taylor in 2015. Other students presented work at the NIMBio Conference, the Association of Southeastern Biologists, and Integrated Plant Science Symposium. Biology majors have recently been accepted into Duke, been awarded National institute of Health post-baccalaureate fellowships, and earned entrance into MUSC Dental School.  
  • Communication students Garrett Black, Ashlyn Boudolf, Parker Roberts, Ashley Smith and Mary-Hunter Smittkamp won national awards at the 51st Worldfest Houston International Festival, and Digital Media major Rachel Funchess has just accepted a coveted Studio Internship in Hollywood, CA.
  • English majors Rachael Barefield Haley Schvanaveldt, Alison Snow and Olivia Strickland presented their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Psychology majors Meg Huff, Lauren Beardsley, Mariah Squires, and Charli Kirby presented research in Portland, OR, at the Western Psychological Association Conference; and Claudia Markley, Lauren Babcock, Madison Fisher, and Nina Andre will present in Chicago this spring at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference.