College of Education


Purchase specialized durable assistive technology lab equipment and provide professional training

Goal - $10,000


The development of an assistive technology (AT) mobile lab will better prepare Anderson University’s teacher candidates to serve the diverse needs of their students in public school classrooms. The use of assistive technology is a research-validated approach to removing barriers to educational opportunities for many students. Our goal is to enhance our teacher education program by developing intentional and meaningful opportunities for our candidates to learn about, identify, create, and use assistive technology for the classroom.

College of Education


In keeping with the vision of Anderson University, the College of Education seeks to produce Christian educators who are characterized by a commitment to learning and service and are dedicated to inspire these values in their own classrooms of learners.Ÿ


To prepare men and women to become Christ-centered "educators who are builders of knowledge, values and community" by nurturing the development of character, servant leadership, and cultural engagement.