Master of Ministry Management

Making the transition from the business world to a church executive team requires a skill set most business schools don’t teach. AU's Master of Ministry Management helps you understand how your theology and servant-leader philosophy can transform the way you handle church budgets, volunteers, building design and other essential elements of an administrative pastor’s role. As you experience your faith flourish and your leadership growth, the program’s online courses provides you with the flexibility to balance your professional life with your education.

Program Overview

This master’s degree combines six courses in leadership from the Clamp School of Divinity and four courses from AU’s business program. These courses combine for 30 credit hours of specialized training that includes the following classes:

Christian Theology is a systematic approach to the key doctrines of the faith, including salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church, end times and the doctrine of God. The course serves as a foundation for a comprehensive view of biblical doctrine.

Leadership in Ministry I is your primer on the intricacies of administration in a ministry setting. You’ll learn how to deal with volunteers, create a ministry-based budget, as well as how to hire and fire staff, help design and fund new buildings, and more.

Introduction to the New Testament focuses on the core themes of Jesus’ life and teachings, the origins of the gospels as well as the accounts of the formation and growth of the church from Pentecost to the culmination of history in Revelation.

Career Outlook

The typical candidate for this course is someone who has management experience in a non-ministry setting who wants to join the executive/leadership team at a church. Likely positions you’ll be prepared for include executive pastor and church administrator. These two titles are heavy on management, requiring daily decisions affecting staff, budgets and other business-related matters in the church.

Program at a Glance

Credit Hours: 30

Can Complete Within: One year

Format Options: Online