Master of Education

Master of Arts in Teaching - Elementary Education (2nd through 6th grades)

You’ve tried another field, but you keep coming back to it: you have a knack for connecting with kids. You’re sensitive to how they see the world, and you believe you can help them learn in a fun and engaging way.

Offered at our convenient University Center of Greenville location, AU’s Master of Arts in Teaching is designed to help professionals who didn’t major in education, become elementary school teachers.

What You’ll Study

As you earn this 52-credit-hour Master of Arts, you’ll complete the four Read to Succeed literacy courses that South Carolina requires for all teachers. You’ll also study the other subjects on the state PRAXIS (theory and practice) and PLT (Principles of Learning) tests you must pass to become a certified teacher.

Your courses will cover:

  • Reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education curriculum, instruction and assessment techniques
  • Theory – the educational theories and human development that undergird modern teaching practices
  • Instructional Process – how to plan lessons for diverse students, including emerging learners, developing learners, grade-level students, and advanced learners. You’ll also learn how to provide IEP (Individualized Educational Plans), disability (504), and ESL (English as A Second Language) learning accommodations.
  • Assessment – You’ll learn that assessing students is an ongoing information-gathering process versus high-stakes, judgmental exams. You’ll study how assessments should inform you of what your students know and how you can help meet their needs.
  • Professional Development, Leadership and Community  – Your professional development starts with your placement in a local school where you’ll shadow teachers for at least 100 hours before your 65 days of clinical experience in a classroom. You’ll learn what’s expected of you as a professional educator—from managing classrooms to interviewing for a teaching position.  And your leadership will be rooted in your study of education research and policy. As a student at AU, you’ll get many opportunities to craft lessons grounded in educational research.

Convenient Classes in Greenville

You can complete your Master of Arts in Teaching in 28 months. You’ll take seven-week classes two nights each week, from 5:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. at University Center of Greenville, 225 S Pleasantburg Drive.

AU education grads are sought-after by school districts throughout the state, and at $380 per credit hour (2019 - 2020 academic year) you can make an affordable transition into a field that makes a tangible difference every day. Moreover, student loan forgiveness programs are common for teachers.

Educating the Next Generation

AU’s Master of Arts in Teaching prepares you to obtain teacher certification in South Carolina and other states that have reciprocal agreements. You’ll be highly qualified to teach second through sixth-grade students in public or private schools or at tutoring or other specialized learning centers. You’ll also be equipped to help parents teach their children, such as in a home-school setting.