Homeland Security

Emergency Services Management - Homeland Security Operations and Administration

Program Overview

The purpose of the Bachelor in Emergency Services Management with a concentration in Homeland Security Operations and Administration degree program provides a comprehensive overview of the major components of the United States' Homeland Security apparatus. The coursework includes studies of existing and emerging threats, the structure and roles and responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and agencies that comprise the DHS; the roles and responsibilities of local, state, tribal, territorial, private sector, and other Federal entities that are stakeholders and/or collaborative parties within the homeland security community, and the laws, authorities, actions, technologies, and processes associated with the nation's homeland security enterprise. The curriculum has two options. One is a degree completion option for those with an associate's degree. The other is for those without a degree. Both options are available online, with many courses also offered on campus.

Coursework Details

General Education (36 semester hours) - courses in communications, literature, humanities, fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, math, and Christian Studies. These courses are viewed as being the liberal arts component of a degree and are foundational to upper division courses.

Emergency Services Management Courses (27 semester hours) - courses in emergency, safety, and disaster management, emergency services technology, leadership, public administration, crisis communication and information and intelligence.

Concentration Electives (15 semester hours) - safety and disaster management, internship.

Major Electives (9 Semester Hours) – upper level course that permit a student to take additional work in the specialized areas of computer information systems, management, and organizational leadership

General Electives (Sufficient hours to complete requirements for 123 hours for the degree) – courses that permit a student to take additional work in subjects that interest them and that will be helpful in their careers. It is important to consult with an advisor when selecting electives.