Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Admission Process

All application materials must be submitted by December 15th of each year.

  1. Initial submissions:
    • $40 Application fee
    • Anderson University Application form online
    • All College transcripts (including coursework that is still in-progress)
    • Submit Two Letters of Recommendation completed by a professor/teacher, employer, or pastor.‚Äč Click here to submit letters
    • Completion of a TEAS exam (ATI) and a score of 60. The TEAS may be taken a maximum of two (2) times to achieve this score.

  2. Initial evaluation:
    • The Nursing Admission Committee will evaluate the application, transcript(s), and reference submissions
    • Those who do not meet the minimum qualification will be notified by mail

  3. Secondary evaluation:
    • The Admission Committee will consider the references, and previous academic performance to determine eligibility for admission
    • Applicants will be admitted until the cohort is full
      • A temporary "Alternate List" will be in effect until the beginning of the semester. If one of the accepted applicants discontinues enrollment before classes begin, an applicant on the alternate list will be offered admission.
      • Once classes begin, the temporary alternate candidates will be notified and will be required to reapply for the next term of entry
    • Those who do not qualify will be notified by mail

  4. Final submissions:
    • Once notified of successful admission, students must confirm their intent to enroll by submitting a non-refundable $600 deposit that will be applied as a credit to their student tuition/fee charges
    • Students admitted into the cohort will have a "conditional" status until they successfully pass the physical and job function test, which will occur before enrollment. If a student is unsuccessful in passing either their physical or job function test, enrollment will not occur and an alternate will be selected from the alternate list.

Print materials must be sent to:

Anderson University
Nursing Admission
316 Boulevard
Anderson, SC 29621

Email materials must be sent to