Human Services

Human Services

To be a human services professional is to master the art of immersing yourself in the life of another, understanding where they've come from and serving them by connecting them to services and resources that transform their present and future.

Our online Bachelor of Human Services Flex Degree and its optional concentration in behavioral health launches you into the world of human services through devoted faculty and an expedited timeline you can use to graduate in as little as 18 months.

With or without the behavioral health emphasis, the courses in the program major consists of 60 hours of coursework beyond Core Curriculum classes.

Anderson University Flex Degree: Your Journey. Your Pace.

Our Human Services Flex Degree enables you to work at your own speed and finish as many as four courses in one term.

If you finish your first two courses in five weeks or less, you can add an additional course for free. Finish that course in five weeks or less and you can add another free course (your fourth) to complete by the end of the term.

To accelerate the program, you'll participate in learning modules that include set-your-own-pace projects and a workload that focuses on completing a collection of benchmarks rather than following a regimented schedule of homework, quizzes and tests.

You'll access your coursework through pre-recorded mini-lectures, PowerPoint presentations, weekly Zoom sessions with instructors and other avenues of learning. An AU Journey Coach will serve as your dedicated counselor, talking with you every week via email, phone or Zoom to guide you through your degree.

Your education will focus on specialty areas we base on the Council for Standards in Human Services Education's national core competencies: 

Understanding the craft

Your degree equips you to be a true professional in the human services field. You'll learn the history of human services and understand the power of policy. You’ll also study how to embody the core values of human services and how to live out ethical practices on a daily basis. 

Understanding the client

Our coursework will prepare you for the unpredictable world of individuals, families and communities. You'll learn how to create comprehensive care plans for your clients, deal with crisis situations, empower your clients to improve their lives, advocate on their behalf and, through these courses, understand the intricate interactions between individuals, families, communities, organizations and society. 

Understanding the systems at work

Services and systems are complex; your coursework will help you navigate them. You'll be equipped to handle the nuances of paperwork and record-keeping, work between client and organization to effectively deliver services, evaluate and manage the information you receive from clients and organizations, and know where to look for the right services at the right time. 

How Your Human Services Degree Will Help You in the Real World

Becoming a human services professional requires a broad-based education that equips you for an incredible variety of jobs once you graduate: 

Your understanding of the human services field will prepare you for a career in administration and thought leadership.

What you learn about clients and how to connect them to services is an excellent base of knowledge for a career as a case manager for children, families and the elderly.

Your proficiency with navigating systems and organizations prepares you for crucial positions at children's homes, independent living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, non-profits, government positions and schools.

Alumni of our traditional human services programs have gone on to earn graduate degrees in social work, counseling and education.

A Servant's Heart for a Service Field

Human services is, at its core, the act of using your expertise and available resources to serve your clients in a way that transforms their lives in a lasting manner.

Because the principles of human services are aligned with Jesus' call to be servants, what you learn through the two Christianity courses (CHR 105, 305) will help you incorporate a bigger purpose into your professional life.

Our online Human Services Flex Degree puts you in charge of your success, a principle that will no doubt be a crucial element in your career as a human services professional. 


Tuition for the Human Services Flex degree is $3,000 for 6-12 credit hours in a seven week term or $1,410 for 3 hrs in a seven week term.