5 Reasons to Enroll

1) Completely Online

There's nothing more convenient than studying in the comfort of your own home, whenever it's best for you. You can even participate in orientation online. Your nursing classes will each run for five weeks. The liberal arts classes that meet your general education requirements each run for eight weeks.

2) Nursing in the Spirit of Christ

Even though we're online, our classes are taught by AU School of Nursing professors who know God called them to both clinical care and the classroom. We'll teach you to care for your patient's physical needs while considering the spiritual dimensions of their lives. Your general education classes include two Christian studies courses: Introduction to the Bible and Christian Worldview and Contemporary Application.

3) Flexible from Start to Finish

There are five times during the year when you can start your BSN. You can take as few or as many classes at a time as you like, and you can take both your nursing courses and liberal arts classes at the same time. If you take one nursing course per 5 week session, you can complete your nursing requirements in four semesters. But you also have the option of taking time off and then return as needed, as long as you finish the 120-credit program within three years.

4) Valuable

The Institute of Medicine recommends that by 2020, 80% of nurses who care for patients should have a bachelor's degree to prepare them to meet changing health care demands. Hospitals working to achieve designations for excellence want to hire—and keep—nurses with the BSN degree. Our RN-BSNC Program will make sure you're qualified for twenty-first century nursing jobs that offer great salaries, benefits and opportunities for continuing education.

And as healthcare becomes more collaborative, nurses should understand how their work connects to others in healthcare and beyond. Through an elective course you select, our RN-BSN will give you an introduction to how your role as a nurse relates to, say, the business side of running a hospital or the role of social workers in healthcare. In addition, you'll take two courses that aren't in Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs: Community Health for Practicing Nurses and Leadership and Management for Practicing Nurses.

5. Efficient + Affordable

One of the best parts about our RN-BSN is that—if you already earned an associate's degree to become an RN -- you'll start our program with at least 40 credits. This means you can finish earning your remaining credits at your own pace. In addition, completing your 30 nursing credits can be done in just 11 classes.

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