Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Business Computing and Data Analytics

The Computing and Data Analytics program strikes a balance between training you to be a software developer and equipping you with extensive data analytics training. 

Companies will see you as an asset because of your ability to understand the practical side of software and analysis. You can provide your expertise to answer the following questions for a company looking for solutions: 

  • How can they increase their efficiency through software?
  • How can they build a software platform that meets their employees’ and customers’ needs?
  • What can you do to remedy the gaps in the company’s understanding of their data?
  • What type of data analysis will help a fledgling startup find the right customers at the right time?

In many cases, a company’s success rides on its software and its understanding of the data it gathers and how to use it. Your degree will enable you to help companies strengthen their software and leverage their data.

Why AU?
Your Anderson education is unique because it breaks from a traditional approach that focuses on either software development or data analytics. You receive in-depth training in both areas, as well as real experience developing software, and retrieving and analyzing data.Other benefits include:

  • Specific focus on preparing you for software in a business context
  • Emphasis on the practical significance of data analytics
  • Internship requirement to increase your experience and hire value
  • Faculty members are committed to finding you excellent — not just good—internships

Career Outlook
You will leave Anderson well-versed in the overarching principles of software and data software. You’ll also have a granular understanding of JAVA and Python, as well as expertise in Python tools and libraries, such as PANDIS and Scikit-learn. This dual focus prepares you for traditional positions in software development, software consultancy and programming. At the same time, you will be an attractive candidate for data analyst positions because your software development and analysis skills are the combination companies want. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates you can expect the following average salaries when you graduate from AU:

  • Software developer: $105,590
  • Computer systems analyst: $88,740
  • Systems analyst: $88,740
  • Database administrator: $90,070
  • Operations research analyst: $83,390

If you choose to go to graduate school after Anderson, you will be best prepared for the following programs:

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Data Science
  • Master of Software Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration