Campus Safety

"Dedicated to Protecting our Campus Community"

Campus safety primary purpose is to protect the lives and property of the students, faculty, staff and guest of Anderson University. Anderson University's Campus Safety Officers are trained and equipped to protect the Anderson University community. The university has for years had a Crisis Management and Emergency Response Team that meets regularly.

The university has security measures in place and is vigilant in its efforts to be prepared for the unexpected. For example, Anderson University has contingency plans that allow for the continuing care of students over several days in the event of disrupted service. An emergency communication system is also available if electrical service is interrupted.

In the event of a campus emergency, the Anderson University community will be notified through email, phone tree and a 24-hour hotline: 864-622-6057. The Emergency Response team is constantly evaluating new technologies for communication as they emerge.


All students are strongly urged to sign up for the AU Emergency Alert System. This text and e-mail system is administered by Campus Safety and operated through our alert vendor, the Rave Mobile Alert Company. This is the primary method of alerting all persons on campus about impending urgent situations.

To sign up for RAVE alerts: Go to the main website: and choose the “Resources” tab, then select “Campus Safety: from the left side menu. Next select “AU Safety Alerts” and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page. You must have an AU e-mail address to sign up. After signing-up you may add other phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses so your family members may also receive alerts. The password you choose for the RAVE sign-up will not change unless you choose to do so.

Emergency notifications and advisories will also be sent by campus e-mail, but the emergency alert system remains the primary alert method for urgent situations. Cautions and advisory information will be sent by campus e-mail only

The Anderson University community should stay tuned to television: WYFF-TV (channel 4 locally) WSPA-TV (channel 7 locally) and local radio station:

WRIX 103.1 FM, (864)-224-9749 for the latest information on schedules during severe weather and related closings.

Since family anxieties will be a priority during emergencies, students should talk with family members about various ways of getting in touch with one another should normal communication routes be disrupted.
It is important for Anderson University faculty, staff and students to be aware of their surroundings and report any unusual activities on campus. Students should keep residence halls entrance doors and suite doors secure.
It is our sincere hope that our campus will remain free from any disruptions, but if one should arise be confident that everything possible will be done to care for our students, faculty, and staff.

----Campus Safety, 864-231-2060