Fines, Fees, and Penalties

From Student Handbook

A. Fines are assessed proportionate to the severity of the violation in accordance with the current fine schedule of the Annual (Security) Report, and as posted in the Security Department office.

List of Frequent Offenses and Fines -- All Traffic Citations are to be paid within 45 days of receipt

No current Anderson University parking permit $50.00
Improperly placed parking permits $50.00
Parked in a reserved parking space $50.00
Traveling wrong way on a one-way street $50.00
Parking in fire lane or area not marked as a parking space $100.00
Improperly parked or obstructing traffic $50.00
Parking in handicapped zone (Anderson City Police Department has the right to ticket) $100.00
Reckless driving $50.00
Zoned parking violation $50.00
Improper overnight parking $50.00
Freshman parking violation $50.00
Removing traffic cone or barricade $50.00
Warning $00.00
Neighborhood and City Street Parking Violation-first offense
**Second Offense includes student conduct disciplinary action

B. Receipt of five Parking citations per semester will result in probation. Additional citations will result in the suspension of Anderson University driving and parking privileges.


Traffic appeals are done through the IParq system.