Extending Academic Program

When accepted, all international students on an F-1 visa are issued an I-20 with an estimate of the time frame required to complete their academic program. If you need an extension of the time required to complete your degree, you must contact the Center for Global Engagement at the earliest opportunity, as soon as it is known that an extension of time will be necessary for your studies. You cannot permit your I-20 form to expire under any circumstances.  A program extension might also be necessary if you need additional time for adding/changing a major, or other reasons. Please see the Center for Global Engagement to discuss your options, working together with your faculty advisor, we can evaluate your situation and issue you an I-20 with additional time if you meet immigration requirements. The Center for Global Engagement does monitor your status each semester but you must also make sure your I-20 does not expire. You need to request a program extension before the I-20 expires. Program extensions can only be made under certain conditions. Speak with the Center for Global Engagement for more information and assistance. 

For assistance, contact Director of Center for Global Engagement Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, Anderson University, 302 Williamston Road, Anderson, SC 29621 phone: (864) 231-2141, international@andersonuniversity.edu

The office is easily accessible by Trojan Transit. Appointments are highly recommended.