Christian Ministry - Preaching

Christian Studies - Preaching

Good preaching doesn’t happen by chance.

Every Sunday, the nation’s best preachers walk up to the pulpit and deliver a sermon that is the culmination of hours of study, weeks of prayer and years of experience. There’s no shortcut or hack that can turn you into a skilled communicator of the Word. It takes practice. It takes an understanding of proper preparation and study. It takes an understanding of the topics affecting and elevating preaching. And, of course, it takes a deep love and respect for the Word of God.

The Bachelor of Christian Studies with Concentration in Preaching equips you to enter the pulpit prepared to give your people a well-studied, well-organized and powerful sermon that honors the Word of God.

Why AU?

As lofty as the calling to preach may seem, it begins with a gritty determination to embrace the small habits that make the great preachers great. Anderson is uniquely suited to help you through your preaching journey:

Experienced Faculty
Anderson’s preaching faculty is among the strongest in the nation. The team of professors guiding you has three preaching PhDs among them, as well as decades of experience preaching from pulpits across the country

National Conference on Preaching
As a student in the preaching concentration, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the National Conference on Preaching. Your role gives you the chance not only to serve pastors attending the conference, but you can attend sessions and workshops, and create relationships with pastors that can lead to ministry positions after graduation. In addition to the National Conference on Preaching, Anderson is the official sponsor of Preaching Magazine, the pre-eminent publication devoted to preaching. As a student in AU’s preaching program, you have an incredible amount of experience and expertise at your fingertips.

Extensive Training
While most seminary students will one or two courses on preaching, you’ll take three.These courses teach you the importance of exegetical process, sound hermeneutics, using the right illustration at the right time and honing your public speaking skills.:

  • Christian Preaching
  • Preaching Practicum
  • Special Topics in Preaching

Career Outlook

When you leave AU, you’ll have the skill set to preach in a powerful and effective way. Churches need strong preachers. Congregations need to hear sound teaching. You can fill those needs. You can expect the following average salaries for the corresponding job:

  • Pastor: $51,700*
  • Hospital chaplain: $52,270
  • Campus pastor: $34,810

If you choose to head to graduate school, your preaching concentration is the perfect foundation for a Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry or Master of Theology.

(*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)