Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows of South Carolina

"Educators who are builders of knowledge, values, and community"

The mission of the South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching profession and to help them develop leadership qualities. Each year, subject to funding, the program provides Fellowships for up to 200 high school seniors who have exhibited high academic achievement, a history of service to the school and community and a desire to teach South Carolina's children and youth.

As one of the twelve Teaching Fellows institutions, Anderson University is committed to:

  • Enhancing the image and esteem of the teaching profession
  • Promoting and developing innovation and reform in education
  • Involving the community and businesses in the education of teachers
  • Developing education leadership
  • Promoting multicultural awareness and an appreciation of the state's diverse population
  • Working in partnership with public schools to train pre-service candidates for teaching
  • Utilizing technology in education to improve student achievement
  • Maintaining accountability through the continuous evaluation of education programs

If you are planning on teaching and you meet all the requirements for the Teaching Fellows Program, we would love to have you at Anderson University. Our Teaching Fellows are afforded an opportunity to expand their leadership skills and participate in school and community learning experiences.

The Anderson University Teaching Fellows Program provides an enriched academic experience for selected students each year to prepare them to teach effectively in the classroom and to develop the personal and professional skills needed to be future leaders in the state of South Carolina. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Dr. Charles A. Wooten
Campus Director of Teaching Fellows
(864) 314-0603

Ms. Nancy Hanley
Assistant Director of Teaching Fellows
(864) 617-9957