Homeland Security

Criminal Justice - Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (degree completion) with a concentration in Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness is designed for mid-career working adults who seek careers in the criminal justice field, especially in positions related to homeland security and emergency preparedness. The program provides graduates with a basic understanding of the criminal justice system and its component parts. The program requires completion of coursework in criminal justice, usually from a community/technical college program or other accredited institution. In order to be admitted, applicants must be classified as adult students and present evidence of appropriate preliminary study in the field. The program prepares graduates for positions with local, state and federal government agencies such as homeland security/emergency preparedness agencies, city and state police and sheriffs’ departments, probation and parole departments, FBI, State Law Enforcement Division, drug enforcement agencies, the Secret Service, correctional institutions, juvenile justice agencies and in private, industrial security.

A degree-completion program for the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness also is available on our Greenville campus.