College of Health Professions

You have a heart for helping others and you want to put that God-given gift to work so it can make the greatest impact. The College of Health Professions is the place where cutting-edge science and biblical compassion come together to meet the healthcare needs of the twenty-first century.

Schools of Allied Health, Human Performance, Nursing and Physical Therapy

The College of Health Professions consists of the School of Allied Health, School of Human Performance, School of Nursing and School of Physical Therapy. Thus, the College of Health Professions represents a diverse mix of undergraduate and graduate students, traditional and adult students; they study at the AU campus in Anderson, the University Center of Greenville, and online. Within the four schools, you’ll find a wide and growing variety of majors. There are bachelor’s programs in human services, in kinesiology with several concentrations, as well as in nursing, which range from bachelor’s to doctoral levels. A doctoral program in physical therapy is also in the works.

Skill and Compassion

Just as you might feel called to serve in healthcare, the faculty and staff at AU are called to serve you. While you can find similar courses in other places, AU is not like other places. From the caring faculty to the cutting-edge labs, there’s a sincere desire to blend academic rigor with Christian service. It’s the freedom to stay connected to your faith life while pursuing your career, without shortchanging either one.

Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

You’ve chosen the perfect time to answer the call of a career in healthcare. The U.S. will need millions more healthcare workers in the coming years. You’ll not only find fulfillment, but also security, in a helping profession where job opportunities will be growing far into the future. Whether you’ve already begun your professional journey or you’re about to start, we’ll walk with you on the path toward a rewarding career.

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