Kinesiology - Pre-Physical Therapy

Kinesiology - Pre-Physical Therapy

For those who have physical limitations – either through an accident or illness – physical therapists are life savers who help them learn how to move again. The study of the human body in motion, kinesiology is the basis of careers in physical movement and the beginning of your career in physical therapy. With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy, you’ll be ready for graduate school and on track to become a licensed physical therapist. 

Why AU?

•Smaller class sizes – some 300- and 400-level classes have as few as six to ten students. 

•Supportive Christian environment

•Professors with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the kinesiology field 

•Excellent ratio of acceptance for graduate students 

•Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art labs and equipment

Career Outlook

Because your study of kinesiology includes more than 120 credit hours that cover all aspects of human motion – from clinical exercise physiology and orthopedic evaluations to neuromuscular and muscular physiology,  you’ll graduate with hours of practical experience to make you stand out as a candidate for graduate schools, including at AU’s School of Physical Therapy, University of South Carolina, the Medical University of South Carolina, Elon University, East Carolina University, University of North Georgia, High Point University, Western North Carolina University and others. You’ll have experience critiquing movement patterns and analyzing gait as well as evaluating and performing injury assessments and orthopedic tests. You'll also receive training on the soft skills needed in the field such, as patient/client interaction, listening, and critical thinking. 

Studying kinesiology at AU will give you an academic advantage if you pursue admission into AU’s School of Physical Therapy. AU students in the physical therapy doctoral program say they felt more prepared than their classmates in understanding the concepts of kinesiology. We will help you find the many hours of practical experience you need to stand out as a graduate school candidate. Our professors know what it takes to get into a physical therapy doctoral program and will make sure you have what you need.

Positions and national salaries you can expect after pursing this degree include:

•Physical Therapist,* $84,560

•Cardiac rehabilitation specialist, $57,267

•Clinic manager, $86,764

(Source: Economic Research Institute)

*Becoming a physical therapist requires a doctoral degree as well as licensing.