Athletic Trainer

Kinesiology - Athletic Training

Achieving peak performance is the goal of every athlete, and as an athletic trainer, you can help others reach the pinnacle of success. As the study of the human body in motion, kinesiology is the basis of many athletic and movement careers in fields such as occupational therapy and corporate wellness. With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to elevate the performances of athletes. 

Why AU? 

Our Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Athletic Training differs from programs at other universities in the following ways:

  •     Smaller class sizes: 100- and 200- level courses limited to 30 students; some 300- and 400-level classes have as few as six to ten students. 
  •     Supportive Christian environment
  •     Professors with more than 20 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of what is needed for success in athletic training
  •     Strong ratio of acceptance into graduate programs 
  •     Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art labs and equipment 

Career Outlook 

You’ll leave Anderson with knowledge of sports psychology, strength and conditioning, advanced nutrition and orthopedic evaluation, among other subjects, which will prepare you for positions in athletic training, strength and conditioning and wellness. You’ll be able to critique and analyze a person’s diet, evaluate someone’s athletic performance and provide clients with effective exercise protocols, for example. You’ll also receive training on the soft skills, such as patient/clinic interaction, and job interview etiquette. In addition, you’ll have hours of hands-on experience, which will help you stand out as a job or grad school candidate.  

With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training, you’ll be prepared for graduate programs in physical therapy, biomechanics and athletic training. AU kinesiology majors who entered grad programs say they felt more prepared than their classmates in their understanding of kinesiology. We also know how much graduate programs weigh experience in their acceptance decisions, so we’ll help you find places to intern.  

As a kinesiology major, you’ll be equipped for positions* such as these: 

  • Corporate Wellness Coordinator, $60,488
  • Sports Performance Specialist, $52,195
  • Personal Trainer, $52,427
  • Sports Equipment Retail Sales Manager , $55,122
  • Senior Center Activities Director, $50,039
  • Clinic manager, $86,910

(*Recent national average salary source: Economic Research Institute)

A license as an athletic trainer requires a master’s degree and board certification. For those with board certification, you can expect an average salary of $51,928, according to the Economic Research Institute.