Knowledge for the Journey

Whether you're a graduating high school senior or seasoned adult looking to move ahead, Anderson University promises to give you Knowledge for your Journey ahead: Knowledge to discover, build, serve, create, succeed, and innovate!

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Knowledge… to Discover

God will lead you to your professional calling through AU. Through our nationally recognized, (named by U.S. News & World Report as the #27 Best Value School among Regional Universities in the South) rigorous academic programs you'll discover your strengths. And whether you're a student in The South Carolina School of the Arts, a business major, or enrolled in one of our other schools, AU professors will help you develop your gifts for your present and future journeys.

But beyond academic preparation, you'll receive confirmation from your mentors and peers that you're discovering God's spiritual call for your life. And all AU students, regardless of major, will gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and a Christian worldview.

Knowledge… to Build

Knowledge to BuildYou'll receive more than the knowledge to simply start your career at AU. You'll develop the intellectual muscle to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the economy—a trait that 'll make you a valuable contributor to organizations throughout your life. By intellectual muscle we mean the thinking skills to conceptualize and solve problems and the ability to acquire, assess and employ evolving information. AU's core classes, whether you're a kinesiology major, an art major taking a Foundations class, or an AU Honors Program student, will give you the knowledge to both build and change careers as the future unfolds.

Knowledge… to Serve

The ability to work well with others is a top characteristic employers in our state said they seek in a recent survey. People who visit AU often remark at the friendliness of our students, faculty, and staff. When you and your family drive up to our residence halls with your belongings for your first year, don't be surprised that a group of students unloads your car and brings all your things to your room before you return to your car with your dorm key. Hospitality is part of the culture here, and it's fueled by our desire to follow Jesus's lead of loving people through serving them. Throughout the year and during school breaks AU students carry out 15,000 hours of volunteer service. Recent projects have included cleaning up flood-damaged homes in a hurricane-hit city, establishing a program to help girls in Honduras escape poverty, and delivering health care and comfort to residents of a nursing home, orphanage, and cancer ward in Nicaragua.

Knowledge… to Create

Knowledge to CreateComputers used to be devices mastered only by people who knew computer-programing languages. But today's mobile devices are computers we use with ease and find it hard to live without. The people who led this revolution of making computers user-friendly solved the problem of making the power of computers accessible to everybody. Whether you're studying science, interior design, or another discipline, expect to learn and practice such creative problem solving at AU.

As a student here, you'll receive state-of-the-art instruction through courses specially designed to use the power of mobile devices, courses that encourage your creative thinking. In fact, our education majors are taught that they are "builders of knowledge," from the craft of teaching to the imparting of subject content to students. Our interior design majors and art majors regularly win national awards for their creative solutions to sustainability and design contests. Like research? You can work at our center for cancer research, through which recent students are studying plant extracts they harvested from the Amazon jungle. Interested in entrepreneurship? Help create projects that help communities in need become self-sufficient.

Knowledge… to Succeed

Knowledge to SucceedWhether you're studying to become a nurse or a music teacher, you can expect caring, rigorous preparation for success on the job or in graduate school. U.S News & World Report recently ranked us as the #2 Regional College in the South with a Strong Commitment to Teaching. Our grads in medical school, law school, pharmacy school and other programs routinely thank AU profs on Facebook—and through text messages—for ensuring their preparedness for graduate school. In addition to studying in top grad programs, AU alumni have forged careers, including as a university president, as a state forensic expert, as prominent interior and graphic designers, and as award-winning educators, health care professionals, business leaders and performing artists.

Knowledge… to Innovate

Knowledge… to InnovateOur rigorous, core curriculum and programs will discipline you to identify relevant information and use it successfully. If business leaders and employees didn't consider how mobile access to the Internet—and digital technology—would affect their companies they likely lost huge opportunities. Through a combination of twenty-first century use of tablet computers, in-depth reading, and critical thinking, you'll be accustomed to envisioning possibilities in the marketplace and your profession. Moreover, as an undergraduate, online, evening or graduate student here, you'll have the support to explore and develop ideas, whether you're in a South Carolina School of the Arts play that integrates Tweeting with the show or an interior design major whose sustainability project garnered national attention.