Susan B. Wooten

Susan B. Wooten
Senior Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Vice Provost, Professor of Art

(864) 231-2151

What classes do you teach at Anderson

ART 105 and 106, FYE 101

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

My undergraduate experience challenged me to develop my intellectual abilities and professional skills as I deepened the foundation of my faith commitments. It allowed me to integrate and develop all of my capacities as a person. When I finished my formal education, I wanted to be a part of that type of academic community.


Daily walking, mountain hiking, cooking, choral singing, reading

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

My approach to teaching is a balance between challenge and support.

More About

Has lived in Oklahoma and South Carolina. Believes success in the arts is more than talent. “Good work requires both creative thinking and critical thinking, disciplined effort, and consistent commitment.” Believes that students learn in a variety of ways, “but first they must develop the habit of taking themselves and their own thoughts seriously.”