Art Education

Art - Education

A bachelor's degree in art with a concentration in K-12 teacher education is a perfect blend for artists who wish to explore their creative boundaries and help the next generations of artists discover theirs.

Art education students are artists in their own right and are always encouraged to express themselves in a wide variety of visual arts methods, media, and techniques. Teaching, then, is not only a practical way for an artist to "make a living" – but also a way for work to be fulfilling. Our art education grads are well-prepared and highly sought, for AU has a long history—and earned a solid reputation—for providing schools with successful art teachers. In the studio and the classroom, future art teachers gain valuable experience as both artist and instructor.


In addition to the wide variety of studio art and art history courses required of all art majors, art education students maintain significant ties to AU's College of Education. As they sculpt, draw, paint, and create, they also work hard to earn their teaching credentials and learn what it means to become an educator. Students are taught the practical methods art teachers use in elementary and secondary education classrooms.

Serving others through art

A career in art education is ideal for Christians eager to serve others. Teaching is a calling, and teaching art enables graduates to coach others in developing their ideas and exploring the world of art. Our art education grads are making a real difference in schools, with several having earned recognition as district teachers of the year. They also inspire their students to always learn by continuing their own formal studies in art and education.

A career in art education that begins at Anderson University enables students to grow as artists while teaching them to nurture the artistic gifts in others. For more information about studying art education, contact Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers, the South Carolina School of the Arts Art and Design chair at or (800) 542-3594.